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Orders Ship Same Biz Day
Orders Ship Same Biz Day

Pruning Shears & Trim Bins


Processing flower products can take a long time if you're plucking the leaves off. Help your trimmers with our shears and trimmers, perfect for processing canna.

Growers and Processors often resort to manual plucking of leaves for the processing of cannabis plants. However, manual plucking can lead to several stress-related injuries, other than being time-consuming and strenuous. With a wide range of trimming and pruning accessories at MJ Wholesale, growers can get their work done efficiently without any strain or health hazards. 
MJ Wholesale features a premium collection of cannabis processing accessories from popular brands like Grow1 and Piranha, among others. The Piranha Pruner Trimming Scissors are available in curved and straight designs with blades that are either steel or titanium. These scissors are perfect as they feature a spring-loaded design that helps reduce the strain on hands. 
In case you are looking to stock handy pruning shears scissors with extra-large blades, then you’re in luck because MJ Wholesale has good quality pruning shear scissors from Piranha as well as Grow1. You can also opt for Mini Clip Trimming Shears Scissors from Grow1 if you prefer a smaller size. MJ Wholesale also has a stock of Bonsai Pruner cum leaf trimmers and multifunctional garden pruning shears for bonsais or small indoor plants.

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Processing cannabis can lead to numerous repetitive stress related injuries. Our high quality solutions include spring loaded designs that help reduce strain. Our trim bins ensure your operations recover as much product as possible for both reuse and to keep your facility clean. Make your employees happy to trim with our pruning sheer, trimming scissor, and trimming bin solutions. 

Trim Bins by Harvest More are best for storing your product safely and keeping your facility clean. Lightweight, portable, and easily cleanable – the Harvest More trim bins come with a static brush to sweep off the pollen. The Trim bin features two trays, each with high molded walls to keep your product contained carefully. The top tray (bin) has an interchangeable stainless-steel screen, and the lower tray has a mirror finish, making it easy to handle the trays and clean them. 

You can also opt for the Table Top Trimming Station to work with your plants without getting your counters messy. It has a deep tray and an easy-grip making it convenient and high on utility. MJ Wholesale has the best trimming, pruning, and binning solutions that aid canna-processing for growers and processors alike. 

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