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$200 Order Minimum

Piranha Pruner Trimming Scissors Straight Titanium Blade - (1 Count, 3 Count OR 6 Count)

SKU: 550103
Original price $12.50
Current price $11.50
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Product Name
1 Count
Price: $11.50
3 Count
Price: $32.50
6 Count
Price: $60


MJ Wholesale offers a Piranha Pruner Trimming Scissors with straight titanium blades which help you for trimming tasks in the indoor and outdoor garden it is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to grip. It also has a safety lock that keeps the sharp blade safely closed, what's more, delicate spring activity will open and close the cutting edge flawlessly to stop rankles and diminish weight on your hands and wrists. Scissors are lightweight and helpful for simple and safe stockpiling in tool stash, grower, garden sheds, and nurseries. You can easily trim plants, dead leaves, and light limbs with this trimming scissor.

Titanium Blade
Easy to use
Ideal for Cutting and Trimming Plants & Flowers
Longer Lasting than Competing Products