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Dispensary Supply Wholesale Packaging News

  • September 21, 2020 George Abro

    All About How and What Dispensaries Buy Supplies Wholesale!

    What Do Dispensaries Buy?   

    Obviously, one of the most important things that dispensaries purchase is cannabis and cannabis byproducts. Many dispensaries choose to cut down on the costs by cultivating their own marijuana crops, and in fact, this is required by law in some states. However, the massive demand for concentrated products like dabs, tinctures, and edibles encourages most dispensaries to forge relationships with commercial growers. Sourcing from multiple farms and grow operations also creates a more varied inventory that better appeals to potential customers. 

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  • September 17, 2020 George Abro

    The History of 420

    420 – the number that has become ubiquitously associated with cannabis and marijuana. Every connoisseur of the sticky icky has, at one point, scrambled to light their joint at 4:19 in order to imbibe in time for the psychedelic hour of 4:20. April 20th has become the unofficial stoner Christmas, and the State of California even hilariously passed their infamous Medical Marijuana Program Act under the moniker SB420. 420 shows up regularly in pop culture as well. Next time you watch Tarantino’s classic film Pulp Fiction, pay attention to the clocks. Nearly all of them are set to 420. 
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  • September 8, 2020 George Abro

    Hemp vs Cannabis vs Marijuana: The Difference Explained

    With all the variance in cannabis nomenclature, things can get quickly get confusing. Cannabis, marijuana, weed, hemp: do all these words mean the same thing? 

    Not exactly. Keep reading to get a crash course on the complicated world of cannabis terminology. 

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  • September 3, 2020 George Abro

    Cannabis Grows: Machine Trimming vs Hand Trimming

    Growing cannabis is both a labor of love and a great business opportunity. As the prohibition laws preventing the legal cultivation and sale of marijuana have begun to relax around North America, more and more people are finding fortunes in the cannabis industry. 

    But cultivating marijuana isn’t all relaxing on the couch passing a blunt back and forth -- it’s hard work. That hard work doesn’t stop when the cannabis finishes growing either. Harvest time can be one of the most labor-intensive periods for a grower. Large commercial operations require a team of dedicated employees and loads of processing equipment. 

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  • August 31, 2020 George Abro

    Cannabis Grows: Indoor vs Outdoor

    It’s the age-old question posed by cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs alike: which is better, indoor or outdoor bud? Both growing techniques are capable of producing high-quality premium marijuana flower, but each has its own set of unique advantages and disadvantages. For most people, the answer will change depending on the individual needs and preferences of the cultivator. 

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  • August 25, 2020 George Abro

    Does Marijuana Cause Withdrawal?

    When most people hear the word withdrawal, they picture heroin addicts or alcoholics writhing in pain on a dirty mattress or in a fancy rehabilitation center. But can cannabis cause withdrawal as well? Many regular marijuana consumers claim that unlike opioids, you can quit cannabis cold turkey without suffering from any withdrawal symptoms. While it is true that stopping marijuana use won’t leave you staring down the barrel of potentially lethal delirium tremens, the science suggests that cannabis cessation can have some potentially unpleasant effects. 

    What Does Marijuana Withdrawal Look Like? 

    People decide to stop using marijuana for a myriad of different reasons. Sometimes

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  • August 24, 2020 George Abro

    Cannabis in the Workplace - Risks, Do's & Don'ts, and the Law!

    Even though marijuana may be legal in your state, it’s still not a great idea to hit the bong before your job interview. Regardless of state-level legality, many workplaces continue to drug test their employees and potential applicants.

    Office drug testing is so commonplace in the United States that you may think the practice is deeply rooted in our culture. However, workplace drug testing has not been around as long as you may think. It wasn’t until Ronal Reagan, in an attempt to demonstrate his commitment to fighting the “War on Drugs,” issued an executive order in the 1980s, making drug screening mandatory for all federal employees that the practice became widespread. 

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  • August 24, 2020 George Abro

    How to Clean your Concentrate Pen

    Consuming cannabis concentrates, or dabbing as it’s sometimes referred to, used to be a complicated process that required a whole slew of expensive tools like rigs and blowtorches. Nowadays, many headshops and dispensaries offer a solution: concentrate vaporizer pens. These pocket-sized vaporizers have become incredibly popular due to their slim profiles, discreteness, and simplicity. With just the click of a button or draw of breath, these wax and oil pen vapes make it easy to enjoy concentrates wherever you are.  

    There are very few downsides to these ingenious little devices; however, they can be notoriously tricky to keep clean. Lucky for you, we’ve put together this guide to help you keep your vaporizer pen in pristine condition so you can keep on puffing!

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  • August 24, 2020 George Abro

    How Glass Bongs are Made

    As the legal cannabis market swells, so does the market for the paraphernalia used to consume it. Pipes, vaporizers, and rolling papers have all seen a surge in sales over the last decade, but none of them are as iconic and emblematic of stoner culture, as the glass bong. Regardless of if you call it a bong or a water pipe, the image your mind conjures is ubiquitous. You’ve seen them in movies, in headshops, and in your high school best friend’s basement. These beautiful devices come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. But how exactly are they made, and how are artisans able to produce such intricate detail using material as fragile as glass? 
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