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$200 Order Minimum
$200 Order Minimum

Acrylic Concentrate Containers


Concentrate / Dab Acrylic Containers come in many options. Some have screw-top lids and some are hinged. Some are small and some are tall. However, with anyone you choose, you will know that your product is safe and fresh. The airtight moisture resistant design ensures that the product will be fresh and the chance for leaking is reduced. An advantage is that some are shatterproof as well!

Acrylic | Glass | Qube Jars Dab Tools | Glass Beakers

Available in: 5 mL7 mL, 9 mL 

Acrylic Concentrate Containers come in many options from screw-top lids to hinged lids. We have sizes to fit the presentation your business is looking for. The airtight moisture resistant design ensures that the product will be fresh. The best benefit to Acrylic Concentrate Containers is that they're shatter resistant.

Concentrate Containers (Acrylic, Glass, and Silicone

Available in: 5 mL | 6 mL | 7 mL | 9 mL | 15 mL

We hope you found the right acrylic concentrate container for your operation. Our wide variety of acrylic concentrate containers make it easy to find the right style and material to match your business. Acrylic is an incredible value booster to any product as the container is much more sturdy than glass. Whether you're looking to maximize profits or to make the best looking product, we have you covered. We're proud to provide you with all your processing and handling needs at low prices. 

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