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Orders Ship Same Biz Day
Orders Ship Same Biz Day



MJ Wholesale carries a wide variety of attractively designed chillums.  Stock your smoke shop or dispensary with Glass, silicone, and hybrid chillums.  Your customers will love the colors, shapes, and designs of these beautiful mini pipes. Customers also love their functionality and features like portability and versatility.

The White Rhino 4-inch and the White Rhino XL feature a silicone cap and glass body. The White Rhino Flip Chillum Straw can be flipped to increase or decrease its height. The OOZE Piper, transforms from a silicone pipe into a chillum, a hybrid!

Uniquely shaped like the Twist Body Sherlock, 3.5 inch Bee Hand Pipe, Bee Inspired, Donut Hole Long are available on our website too. Your customers will love the adorable shapes they come in.

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Fish-shaped chillums are extremely popular and are available in various sizes, designs, and colors on MJ Wholesale. 3.5-inch Fish Inspired Chillums, 3 inch Frit Belly Chillums, Latticino Fat Belly Chillums are some varieties you can choose from. Not only do these chillums look fantastic due to their abstract designs, but they also make for great collectible pieces.

Flat Mouthpiece chillums, Twisted flat mouthed chillums, Square body chillums are some variations of chillums that are popular too. Frit heavy glass chillum, Frit ball long chillum and Heavy Frit flat tip chillum make for the most economical range of chillums. You can also choose an assorted set of 3-inch chillums. MJ Wholesale has the best chillums at the best prices for your smoke shop. Your customers will love your collection, buy from you, and will visit you again and again when you purchase from us.

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