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$200 Order Minimum

Humboldt Fast Fill Cone Filling Machines


Humboldt Cone Filling Machines are among the most cost effective ways to pack cones in bulk. These state of the art machines pack cones in bulk, quickly, efficiently and expertly uniform. Packing cones by hand is fine, if it's just a few. When you need a lot of Pre-Rolled Cones, you'll appreciate that this time consuming task can now be automated. MJ Wholesale is proud to offer cone filling solutions. Machines pack each cone as fully and professionally finished as possible. Each and every cone will look, feel and smoke just right. Your customers will love the perfectly rolled cones. Your employees will appreciate that they'll be using a safe and easy to operate machine to do the lion's share of this once tedious work. And when the fast filling machine is integrated into your workflow, you will wonder how you ever got along without it! 

Setting up and using the machine is a breeze. Just watch this video below and follow the step by step instructions.

Step By Step Instructions for using the Humboldt Cone Filling Machine:
First wash your hands. Place the Vibration Table Stabilization Mat on the surface you will be working on. Place the Vibration Table on the Stabilization Mat. Plug the extension cord into the wall outlet. Plug the vibration table into the extension cord. Place the cone filling machine on top of the vibration table. Take the cone riser lid off, and set it to the side for now. Load your cone filling machine with the correct size empty cones. Now you can begin loading the ground herbs that you want to pack into the cones. Use the switch to turn on the vibration table. Now that the table is vibrating, you can start loading in your ground herbs. The vibrating action of the machine loads the herbs into the cones. Use cone packing tool to pack the cones while the table is vibrating. Continue filling and packing until cones are full. Once the cones are full, turn the vibration table off. Place the cone filling machine with the cone riser underneath it, on a flat surface. The machine will slide down onto the riser, while simultaneously lifting the filled cones. Remove each cone from the machine. Fold and twist the end to finish.