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Blink Torches & Lighters

MJ Wholesale proudly carries a collection of Blink torches at wholesale rates. A reputed lighter manufacturer from the USA, they are known for their high-quality, durable, and stylish offerings. We carry a vast collection of Blink torches in different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Blink torches are multifunctional butane torches with robust and ergonomic designs and long-lasting functionality. Blink torches offer a great burn time and enable lighting up bangers, bowls, or dab straws with ease. The Blink torches are lightweight, portable, have a comfortable grip, and work at any angle. These torches work like a charm, whether indoors or outdoors. Their flame lock feature ensures there are no accidental burns. They have a large nozzle and more butane capacity compared to other torches. 

Whether your customers need it for smoking or cooking, a Blink torch is sure to offer a great experience. Blink torches come with a child safety lock mechanism to safeguard the children.


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