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Special Blue Torches

The Special Blue Torches are the perfect addition to your smoke shop! Reason? They look cool AND are excellent for dabbing! MJ Wholesale has a vast stock of these beauties for all smoke shop owners looking to offer high-quality smoking accessories to their customers. 

With their powerful flame and durable design, the Special Blue Torches are sure to be an instant hit with your customers. Trust us when we say that The Triple Threat Flame Torch is the real deal! It is the perfect addition to your smoke shop with its three jet-style burners, auto ignition, and adjustable flame. The Special Blue Full Metal Torch is sleek, and its metal lighter is precision-engineered for flame control that's easy on the hands. The Purple Haze torch is one of the best torches you can offer your customers. With an adjustable flame and ergonomic design, this torch is sure to sell like hotcakes!

The Blue Monster Single Flame Torch is one of the most beastly smoking accessories on the market! With its concentrated jet flames, quick butane refill, and an extra-large tank, this torch is perfect for keeping your customers high with happiness! 

If you want to offer something more than just torches, we have just the thing for you, a must-have accessory for every smoker these days – the odor eliminator. The Special Blue Odor Eliminator Spray eliminates the pesky after-smoke odor for good. It is available in the Vanilla Chonic, Lavender Dreams, Orange Crush, Jasmine Jewel, White Delight, and many other enticing fragrances. You can also buy the pack of assorted scents, which features scents in twelve different variations! Don't miss out on these cool smoking accessories by Special Blue Torches! Keep your customers lit and your smoke shop a hit with the best-quality products from MJ Wholesale!


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