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For your hookah-loving customers, you MUST stock on the Deezer goodies. With the stylish hookahs and accessories from Deezer, your customers will never have a dull moment. Deezer Hookahs are crafted in funky and fresh designs, ensuring that your customers have a good time. They're also easy to put together, so your customers can enjoy their smoke session without a hassle.

The Deezer Hookah Hunter at 21 inches has a clay top and a middle stem finish. This top-of-the-line hookah features a clay bowl and is easily one of the classiest and premium quality hookahs on the market today. 

The Deezer Aurora Hookah comes with LED lights and remote control. Your customers will love the remote-control feature and the added excitement it brings to their hookah sessions. The Deezer Gold charcoals are chemical-free, long-lasting, and the best quick light charcoals you can get your hands on! The gold layer lights up the charcoals in a few seconds, creating a brief flame that lasts an amazingly long time.

Don't miss out on the newest, most innovative Deezer porcelain hookah bowls! Their sleek, clean designs keep the shisha juice from leaking and keep the tobacco moist and clean. The Deezer Candle Smoke Odor Eliminator in soothing scents like Lilac, Strawberry, Peach, Lemon Chiffon, and others will transcend your customers to another world. 

Deezer disposable hookah hose will blow your customers away! Completely washable, providing the superior control and feel, these medical-grade silicone hoses are non-toxic and BPA-free. They are the perfect way to add some frosty elements to your customers' hookah experience. 

MJ Wholesale offers the best prices on Deezer goodies for bulk purchase. With the style, variation, and prices we offer, everyone can find something they want to take home.


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