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High Hemp

The High Hemp brand strives to create the very best wraps. They use sustainable and organic materials in products for dispensaries and head shops. Each product is made from 100% hemp paper. This is eco-consciously grown in the Netherlands and imported to America. The hemp papers blend the slow and rich burn of tobacco wraps with the smooth feel of hemp paper.  This provides a perfect blend between strong and soft hits. These wraps and papers are sustainable | biodegradable | smooth and come with a sustainable package as well.


At MJ Wholesale, we have plenty of eco-friendly solutions for dispensaries and head shops guaranteed to not only help the environment but also help the hemp industry to continue to grow nationwide. 

Our High Hemp brand products are:

  • Ethically sourced
  • 100% hemp-made
  • Great for rolling high-quality flower

With the hemp industry slowly growing and creating a whole new market for dispensary owners, being able to connect your dispensary to this industry is an incredibly clever way of continuing to build your brand in the market. 

To learn more about the benefits of hemp wraps over tobacco wraps, check out our blog post: 

Tobacco Wraps vs. Hemp Wraps

As time passes, more and more products are becoming eco-friendly in the industry and hemp is slowly becoming the king of sustainable dispensary products as well. This is why we offer many sustainable and biodegradable wraps and papers. We also offer sustainable child resistant drams that are made in America and degrade in less than a year making them far better for the environment than plastic drams and pop tops by far. 

To learn more about the new sustainable packaging in the marijuana industry, take a look at our articles 

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Eco-Friendly Sustainable Packaging and the Cannabis Industry

 today and see exactly why your dispensary should hop on the bandwagon now before the market skyrockets!


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