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Load up your smoke shop with the extensive range of Cyclones Pre-Rolled Cones available at wholesale prices only at MJ Wholesale. They are 100% natural and come in a unique translucent texture. These cones are pre-rolled and stored in tubes to keep them fresh and potent. Available in a number of mouth-watering flavors and as unflavored ones, they are sure to spike your sales within no time.

The Cyclones Clear cones are made from natural herbs and do not contain tobacco. With a box of 24 tubes and a wood filter tip, you can get your hands on various fruity flavors such as Tiki Tango, Blue Chill, Strawberry, Grape, Blueberry, Ice Dream, Natural, and much more. They are crafted from a unique mixture containing water, cellulose, and natural cotton. These cones burn so slow that with every puff, your customers would teleport into a world of their own.

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