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MJ Wholesale is proud to present the world-famous Starbuzz Hookahs, aluminum foils, and instant lights. The Starbuzz Unicus Hookah is the perfect size for any smoker – it is small enough to take anywhere but big enough to let one smoke like a champ. Plus, it comes with a fantastic, colorful, and decorative base that makes it the perfect addition to your smoke shop or dispensary. 

The Starbuzz Phoenix Hookah is sure to light up any smoking session with its sleek design and powerful performance. Whether your customer is new to hookahs or a seasoned hookah smoker, the Phoenix is sure to please. So let them rise from the ashes and experience the power of Phoenix. The Starbuzz Carbine is the most extreme hookah available on the market! Available in fantastic color combinations and funky names like Hell Fire, Mad Dragon, Cobalt Shadow, Sig Gray, etc., this top-of-the-line product offers unparalleled performance and quality. It is perfect for high-end consumers who always want the latest and most fabulous toys.

No more trimming the edges of kitchen foil with a dull pair of scissors painstakingly! These aluminum foil sheets have been designed specifically for use in hookah bowls, making setup a breeze. Your customers will love being able to prepare their hookah without any fuss! Indeed, with a mix of innovation, quality, and funkiness, you can never go wrong with Starbuzz. 

Starbuzz Premium Coconut Instant Light Charcoal are premium quality charcoal tablets manufactured to elevate the smoking sessions. Each tablet is made with a high-quality coconut shell stamped with the Starbuzz logo to ensure authenticity! The Starbuzz Premium Instant Light Charcoal are 35 mm, quick lighting, charcoal tablets that help enjoy the taste of tobacco without any influence of the charcoal taste. Let your customers try the world-famous Starbuzz Tobacco products and see them returning for more! So, don't wait! Give your customers the Starbuzz experience today!


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