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Cones + Supply

MJ Wholesale's versatile collection of the gold standard Cones brand will wow your customers. Cones + Supply offers pre-rolled cones so thin, natural, and evenly burning that your customers will experience heaven each time they smoke. Their 1 1/4 size is perfect for inexperienced rollers or new smokers looking to try out pre-rolled cones for the first time. They are made out of natural papers perfected overtime to burn smoothly, providing an optimal smoking experience.

Each cone is accompanied by a paper tip and dons the signature Cones logo as a watermark. Dispensaries looking to add pre-rolled cones to their offerings can benefit significantly from stocking up on these cones. With the famous Cones + Supply offerings added to your store, your smoke shop will be the talk of the town among smokers. And with MJ Wholesale's lowest wholesale rates, you can keep your smoke shop fully equipped to handle the crazy demand!


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