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Blazer Refillable Butane Torches and Lighters

Top Quality Refillable torches = Blazer! As a smoke shop owner, you must already know this equation owing to the popularity of Blazer's butane refillable torches. At MJ Wholesale, you can purchase flagship products like the Big Buddy Turbo Torch, Blazer Flexible Turbo Torch, and the Blazer Big Shot Turbo Torch among many others.

All the Big Buddy Turbo Torch variants like the Granny Purple & Stainless Steel, White & Stainless Steel, Blue & Stainless Steel are available on MJ Wholesale. Their entire range has a 2500 F turbo torch flame and provides 60 minutes of non-stop burning time. They are classy, attractive, portable, and child-resistant. 

Even the Blazer Flexible Turbo Torch – available in Black & Red and Black & Blue color combinations is butane refillable and provides 60 minutes of continuous burn time. It is designed with a child-resistant trigger for safety and is lightweight to carry around.

The Blazer Big Shot Turbo Torch Limited Edition, available in grey, black, and glow-in-dark variety, is our customers' favorite and among our bestselling products. The Blazer Big Shot Turbo Torches are anti-flare and butane refillable torches. These torches feature a brass flame nozzle, detachable base, and precision flame control. They are one of the smallest yet most powerful tools you could offer your customers. It provides over 35 minutes of 2500 F burn time is lightweight and portable. 

You can also stock up on the Blazer Firefox Torch that is highly compact at 4.5 inches in length yet provides a powerful 20-minute burn time at 2500 F. It has a child-resistant mechanism and has wind-resistant, adjustable flame. Truly, Blazer has a unique product for every smoker, and MJ Wholesale has the best prices for all those fantastic products.


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