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#5 Paper Bags - 5 Lb Bags

Are you looking for top-quality paper bags to pack your product and hand to the customers? MJ Wholesale has just the solution. We carry 5 Lb paper bags that can be brought in bulk at wholesale rates. These bags are ideal for carrying groceries, vegetables, fruits, and lunch. They can also be used for packing other store supplies. 

The 5 Lb bags we have measure 5.25 inches in width and 10.93 in height and have a broad gusset. This wide gusset helps the bags stand upright and make them easy to grip. Their broad opening assists in easy opening, closing, and quick access to the contents. Our collection of paper bags features self-opening thumb notches and a fold-over top to secure the contents. 

You can order these paper bags in white or brown, in quantities ranging from 500 to 10,000. We also offer white and brown paper bag bundles with paper bags of different sizes. These bundles comprise 500 pieces of 8 paper bag sizes, including the 1 Pound Paper Bag, 2 Pound Paper Bag, 3 Pound Paper Bag, 5 Pound Paper Bag, 6 Pound Paper Bag, 8 Pound Paper Bag, and 10 Pound Paper Bag.

Completely made of recycled paper, our entire collection of paper bags is eco-friendly, recyclable, long-lasting, and durable. These bags are manufactured in the United States and are a great alternative to plastic bags. 

Get your hands on our 5 Lb paper bags for quickly packing items in your store, especially groceries. MJ Wholesale carries a range of diverse packaging supplies, from mylar bags, pop-top vials, and flower jars to blunt tubes and concentrate containers. We also carry a range of smoking accessories and processing & handling supplies at reasonable rates. Check out our latest arrivals and stock up your shop today! 


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