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Starter Kits

Looking to buy a mix of different brands in bulk for your head shop or smoke shop? You’ve come to the right place. Our Starter kits are the perfect mix-n-match of top brands that are sure to give your store a jump-start!  If you’re new into the cannabis business, our starter kit collections are perfect to get things started for you.  Whether it’s a kit for rolling papers, wraps, packaging solutions or smoking equipment and accessories, we have it all in store. 

Our Rolling Papers starter kit is a mix of the top brands like Zig Zag, RAW, Elements and Zooted. Each of the five packs consists of 24 papers, and serves as a wholesome mix of brands and an affordable solution for your bulk needs.  Hemp wraps are all the rage and our Hemp Wrap Starter Kit ensures you get a mix of the best organic hemp wraps in a single kit. With wraps from top-quality brands like ENDO, Zooted, High Hemp, Billionaire and True Hemp, your customers are sure to find their favorite in your shop! Our bong starter kit with 5 bongs of different styles of bongs from Hemper is among the bestselling kits for smoke shops and dispensaries. We also feature a starter kit of Vape Batteries. With a unique collection consisting of vape batteries from brands like OOZE, Ccell, and Shield Flip, your customers will not have a dearth of options.

If you more keen on smoking accessories, go for our Grinders Starter Kit that features five premium quality grinders and is sure to sell like hot cake! The Lighters Starter Kit on MJ Wholesale comprises of the bestselling and most classy lighters in the market. You get five distinct lighters from brands like RAW, Clipper, Blink and others. The rolling tray kit in our collection comprises of 5 unique trays, three of which are from RAW and two from Zooted. With this kit, you get variety, brand and a budget-friendly set of rolling trays! Looking for a distinct set of ashtrays for yout store? Worry not. With our funky ashtray collection, you get 5 unique types of ashtrays in novel shapes and forms like cheeseburger, donut, skull and many more



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