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Dab Tools

Herbal oils are an up and coming trend for smokers. Not only do they provide more potent effects, they also are more compact. Many users like to have multiple sets of tools. Thats why we have you and your business covered from  dabbers, scrapers, Skilletools Master Kits, or a Skilletools Travel Set. Whether you're shopping for personal use or bulk, we have high quality tools sure to please. Level up your smoke shop by offering the latest and greatest dab tools! MJ Wholesale’s innovative, unique, and attractive dab tools will ensure your customers enjoy their concentrates stylishly. Whether they're using dabs for medical purposes or just for fun, your customers will love the options you offer. Get on the dabber bandwagon today by shopping a range of dab tools at affordable rates only on MJ Wholesale. 

The arrow-shaped Glass Dab Tool is perfect for hitting the bull's eye because it has high resistance to high temperatures! Made from high-quality glass, comfortable to hold, and easy to clean, it is perfect for managing oils, waxy concentrates, and herbs. With the glass mushroom dab tool, your customers can enjoy their concentrates in style! Its handle end can be used as a dab tool to scrape material and apply it to the hot nail, while the mushroom end can be used as a carb cap. This lightweight and flashy addition to your smoke shop will turn heads and make dabbing more fun. The five-inch long glow-in-the-dark dab tool is a crystal glass dab tool with a pointed tip, perfect for scooping up wax concentrates. Its crystal and swirly appearance is capable of adding a touch of luxury to any smoke sesh.



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