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Large Flower Bags


Product life extension is key for maximizing efficiency. Our selection of large flower bags is perfect for keeping sizable quantities of product fresh. 

Wholesale pricing 1/4 - 1/2 Lb Mylar Bags, 1 Lb Mylar Bags, 2 Lb, Mylar Bags and all other Mylar & Child Resistant Bags 1-2 lb is perfect for keeping ¼ to ½ pound of dry product weight fresh. Large Mylar flower bags are durable for transportation and storage. Our high-quality Mylar packaging is offered at affordable prices in a wide variety of styles. Jump to our selection menu to filter what you’re looking for in a large flower bag.  

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Large marijuana flower bags are ideal for keeping larger amounts of cannabis secure and fresh. This post will take you through everything you need to know about Large Marijuana Flower Bags. Here's a rundown of all the topics we'll be discussing.

·       What is a large marijuana flower bag?

·       The types of large marijuana flower bags

·       How does a large marijuana flower bag work?

·       How to use a large marijuana flower bag?

·       How to clean a large marijuana flower bag?

·       Differences between a large marijuana flower bag and a vacuum seal bag.

·       Why should you stock up on large marijuana flower bags for your shop?

·       Where can you buy large marijuana flower bags at wholesale prices?

·       Large marijuana flower bags – The Final Verdict

·       Frequently Asked Questions about large marijuana flower bags

What is a large marijuana flower bag?

Maintaining and extending life of the product is of primary importance for every business. Similarly, it is crucial for marijuana businesses to maintain and extend the life of marijuana and related products. A Large marijuana flower bag is a type of container specifically designed for storing large quantities of cannabis. These bags are usually made out of mylar or an airtight, light-resistant material, and often have a zip-lock closure to keep the contents fresh for a long duration.

Mylar bags help preserve food and medical marijuana while keeping it fresh, making them perfect for various purposes. Pound Mylar bags have been successfully utilized in many fields, such as the food and beverage industry or medical laboratories.

Large Marijuana Flower bags serve as the most cutting-edge cannabis packaging solution from a decade. Cannabis dispensaries, consumers, and marijuana business owners may rest confident that the quality and longevity of their products will stay intact with large marijuana flower bags. 

Types of Large marijuana flower bags

There are a number of types of large marijuana flower bags available on the market. At MJ Wholesale, we have some of the most popular types. 

Let us have a look. 

  • Mylar Bag Vista White and Clear - Ideal for flower packaging, our Vista bags are clear from the front and white from the back. These bags offer good visibility of the product while still being able to protect it from air and light. Their capacity is to store up to 1 pound of flower.  These bags are zip locked, heat sealable and have square edges paired up with a glossy finish that gives them a professional look.  You can buy 100 pieces of these bags in bulk or try a sample to get an idea. 
  • Dry & Mighty Large Bag - Our Dry & Mighty Lage bags are industrial grade, heat-sealable, airtight storage bags that are ideal for flower storage. They stand upright and measure 13 x 14.5 inches. They feature a snap-close top that makes opening and re-opening them really easy. 
  • Loud Lock Turkey & Oven Bags - The Loud Lock Turkey bags are perfect for herb and medicines as they are heavy duty, heat resistant and smell proof. Each bag measures 18 x 24 inches and each box contains 100 bags. They help keep your herb fresh, as they are durable and high-quality. Being microwaveable, these bags are versatile to be used for food items too. These bags are a must have for every smoke shop, dispensary, cannabis grower and processors. 

How does a large marijuana flower bag work?

A Large marijuana flower bag works by creating an airtight and light-resistant environment for its contents, thus securing it. This feature of any bag protects the cannabis from oxygen, moisture, and light, all of which can degrade its quality. 

Some large marijuana bags and mylar bags have a zip-lock closure, which further helps to keep the contents fresh. These features make mylar bags an ideal storage solution for cannabis.

How to use a large marijuana flower bag?

Let us divide this section into three sub-sections.

How to package

You will need these items to begin the packaging process. 

  • The Large flower Bags
  • Cannabis Stems or Ground Buds
  • Scissors

If you want to be precise with the amount of cannabis you're packing, use a scale. If you have ground buds, scoop them into the bag. However, trim them down to size first if you're using stems.

How to seal

Before closing the bag, it's important to include an oxygen absorber pack. The oxygen absorber will maintain moisture levels constant within the large flower bag while also providing an airtight seal.

How to label

Once you've sealed the bag, it's time to label it. You'll want to include details like the strain, weight, and dosage. If you keep track of your cannabis in this way, you will be able to sell it before it starts degrades or begins to lose potency. For a dispensary, it is important to include the price, contact information, and other relevant details.

How to clean a large flower bag?

After each use, clean the large flower bag. This will help remove any remaining cannabis residue and avoid affecting the flavor of your next batch. To clean a flower bag, rinse it out with warm water and soap. Alternatively, you can disinfect the bag with rubbing alcohol. Be sure to rinse and air dry the bag before packaging anything new.

Differences between a Large marijuana flower bag and a vacuum seal bag

The main difference between a large marijuana flower bag and a vacuum seal bag is the size. A Large marijuana flower bag is typically 1 pound or less, while a vacuum seal bag can be any size.

Large marijuana flower bags are also typically made from mylar, while vacuum seal bags can be made of any material. Mylar is a type of plastic that is thin, light, and durable. It is often used in packaging because it is good at protecting products from oxygen, moisture, and light.

Finally, Large marijuana flower bags usually have a zip-lock closure, while vacuum seal bags are sealed with a vacuum sealer. Zip-lock closures are easier to open and close, but vacuum sealers create a more airtight seal.

Why should I stock up on large marijuana flower bags for my shop?

Dispensary pound bags have become very common in the cannabis community. In fact, they are a great option for dispensaries, online shops, and other businesses. You can use a pound bag of weed for a variety of things. 

Here are some reasons your shop needs to be stocked with large weed bags:

  • To store a large quantity of cannabis

Large weed bags are perfect for storing large quantities of cannabis. If you have a lot of customers, or deal in large quantities of cannabis or need to stock up for an event, large weed bags will help you stay organized and keep your product fresh.

  • Easy to store

One of the greatest features of large flower bags is how simple they are to store. That means dispensaries can readily separate and store the variety of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid tastes on their menu if they use large flower bags. Most large flower bags can stand up, making them easy to store in a chilly, dark location until they're ready to sell.

  • To package cannabis for sale

Dispensaries typically sell cannabis in eighths, quarters, halves, and ounces. Large weed bags make it easy to pre-package your product, so it's ready to sell. Weigh the desired amount, seal the bag, and label it with the strain, weight, and price.

  • To keep cannabis fresh

Cannabis must be stored in a cool, dark place to stay fresh. Large weed bags protect your product from oxygen and light, two of the main enemies of freshness. By keeping your cannabis in a large weed bag, you can be sure it will stay fresh for months.

  • To prevent spilling

Spilling is one of the worst things that can happen when trying to sell cannabis. Not only do you lose the product, but you also have to deal with the mess. Large weed bags are airtight and sealable, so you don't have to worry about spillage and wastage.

  • Heat Sealable

Heat sealing is a way to secure packaging. Large weed bags can be heat-sealed for an extra layer of security. 

Where can I buy large marijuana flower bags at wholesale prices?

Look no further than MJ Wholesale for your large flower bag or other dispensary supplies needs--all at wholesale prices. Our website is the one-stop shop for all of your marijuana packaging needs. The large flower bags we have come in various sizes to fit your needs, enable compliance packaging and maintaining branding requirements.

We have high-quality large marijuana flower bags that can accommodate up to 1lb of dry herb or flower. We also have mylar bags in vista and opaque varieties, and in varying sizes so you can choose that suits you the best. These bags have a resealable zipper, are tamper evident, and have an oxygen & moisture barrier.

Large marijuana flower bags – The Final Verdict

Flower bags are ideal for storing items before they're even put on shelves, allowing them to remain fresh for longer. That means consumers can get their hands on top-quality products every time they buy without being concerned that the strain in stock has deteriorated in quality.

One of the most important reasons they're so prevalent in dispensaries across America is their mandated packaging and compliance standards. The smell-proof pound bag guarantees that each strain on the menu retains its unique characteristics, including terpenes and THC levels.

While there are other packaging solutions on the market, large flower bags provide benefits that make them the perfect option for dispensaries. Not only do they protect your product, but they also make it easy to package and sell. So if you're looking for a reliable, cost-effective solution for your cannabis business, large weed bags should be your go-to!

Frequently Asked Questions about Large marijuana flower bags.

  • What is the best feature of the Loud Lock turkey & oven bag?

The Turkey & Oven bags from Loud Lock are heat-resistant, microwaveable, durable and smell-proof. 

  • What are the dimensions of the Dry & Mighty Bags?

The dimensions of the Dry & Mighty bags we have in stock are 13 x 14.5 inches. 

  • What kind of a closure does the Dry & Mighty Bag have?

The Dry & Mighty bag has a snap-close top.

  • What is Vista packaging?

Vista packaging is characterized by its one side that is see through to expose the product, and other side is usually opaque.

  • What are the dimensions of the Mylar 1 Lb. Vista Bag?

The dimensions of the Mylar 1 Lb. Vista bag are 14.5 x 19 x 6 inches. 


Above you’ll find our larger Mylar bags. Please refer to the product name for the size of flower product they hold. 

Our Mylar bags come in:

Opaque Mylar Bags are required by select states that don’t allow the product to be visible. 

Vista packaging has one side that is see through to expose the product.  You can take care of your size needs from top to bottom with the selection of Mylar bags present in our directory. Our menu below provides links to important subcategories of mylar bags to help narrow your search. 

Half Gram | 1 Gram | 1/8 Oz | 1/4 Oz | 1/2 Oz | 1 Full Oz | Large Bags | Edible BagsVacuum Bags | Preroll Bags

Child Resistant CR Mylar Bags | Grip n Pull Child Safe | All Mylar Bags


MJ Wholesale has a distinct collection of pound bags with metallized zipper pouch bags that are perfect for flower and edible packaging. They are optimal storage options for marijuana and can be used to store coffee, pet food, snacks, grains and dry goods. These versatile bags are can hold between ¼ lb. to ½ lb. of product easily. They are heat sealable and you can buy them from us in counts of 10, 50 or 100. We have them in different colors like silver, glossy gold and glossy black, all of which are opaque.

Their thickness is 4 mil and are made of PET/VMPET/LLDPE material. Since they are heat sealable, you can add an added layer of protection with a heat sealer machine. By default, they come with a zipper that makes it easy to close and open them. Our bags have a glossy finish, squared edges and an eye-catching look. They are food-safe and sport a tear notch. They have a gusseted bottom which makes it easy to make them stand upright on display shelves or any flat surface.


Our metallized zipper pouch bags protect the contents against UV rays because of their thick material and opacity. Our bags are made in USA and, are child-resistant. They are available in two dimensions:  11 inches in height and 8 inches in width, and another variation that is 6.5 inches in height and 4 inches in width. Portable, lightweight and handy, the metallized zipper pouch bags we have are easy to handle for you as well as your customers. These soft-touch matte bags are perfect for storing flower or edibles and are available in bulk quantities and low costs with us at MJ Wholesale. Choose the color and size you like and place a bulk order for these metallized beauties with MJ Wholesale! 

Mylar bags are the preferred cannabis packaging these days because they offer quality protection from dirt, oxygen, moisture and keep the contents fresh for a long time. 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags can be used to package different items such as pet food, coffee, snacks, grains, dry goods and cannabis products such as flower and edibles. 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags is among the most popular sizes of mylar bags.

This post will explore everything related to 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags. Below are the topics we will cover.

·   What are 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags?

·   How do 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags work?

·   How to use 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags?

·   How to clean 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags?

·  Why should you stock up on 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags for your shop?

·   Where can you buy 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags at wholesale prices?

·   1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags – The Final Verdict

·   Frequently Asked Questions about 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags

What are 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags?

A number of people are gaining illegal and unauthorized access to cannabis, and the law continues to be increasingly strict about it. Cannabis growers, processors, sellers and medical dispensaries must become more careful about concealment of their products and ensure proper packaging to avoid getting their product in the wrong hands. Our collection of 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags are 100% opaque and opacity is often a requirement in several states and stays a crucial aspect for dispensary owners when choosing packaging solutions.

How do 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags work?

Mylar bags are specifically designed to maintain the freshness and potency of products. They come with several features that help keep the contents safe from outside elements. They are food safe and include an inner lining or barrier with a moisture-proof coating, airtight seals and zippers.

These features all work together to create an airtight seal around the product stored. This then, creates a barrier that blocks out oxygen and moisture, which can degrade cannabis and food items.

How to use 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags?

As a dispensary owner, you will want to ensure that your products are properly packed. Mylar bags are incredibly easy to use. Most come with a resealable top, allowing you to open and close the bag as needed. All you need to do is fill the bag with your desired product, seal it up, and you're good to go! Use a scale to weigh the product, then fill the bag accordingly.

  • Sealing the 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb Mylar Bags

To maintain the freshness of their product, cannabis producers need to use the most secure seal possible when it comes to marijuana bags.  The 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags come with a zip lock, that creates a secure seal. This simple method lets you quickly and securely close the bag for safe storage or transportation. 

You can also create an extra layer of security using a Heat Sealer Machine. A heat sealer machine is one of the best ways to ensure your weed packaging bags are secure. Just place the appliance on top of the mylar bag and press down until it forms a tight seal around the edges of the bag. This method will protect your products from any potential damage or harm during transportation or sitting on store shelves.

How to clean 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags?

Cleaning mylar bags regularly after every use ensures they remain as efficient and durable as possible. Start by scrubbing the inside of the bag with a soft brush or cloth using hot, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and then air-dries completely before storing away until you need it again

Why should I stock up on 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags in my shop?

1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags are essential for any shop that sells cannabis or related products. They offer an effective way to store and transport these items while preserving their potency, freshness, and quality. Plus, they come in various styles and can accommodate various other products too.

Here are a few reasons why you should stock up on our ¼ lb – ½ lb mylar bags:

  • Enhanced Safety

By packing your cannabis product into Mylar bags, you can rest assured that your products will remain untouched till it reaches your end-consumers. This means a half ounce of weed will stay precisely the way you packed it until it gets to the consumer. Mylar's impenetrability to block out external elements like oxygen and UV rays makes this possible. Also, our Ziplock, gusseted, metallized bags are child resistant and comply with safety standards. 

  • Customizability

By sticking labels of your brand name and logo on the mylar packaging, you can make a significant and long-lasting impression on your customers. They'll see your bag each time they pull out some weed, and get reminded of their fantastic experience with you. Isn’t that an effortless way to advertise who you are without spending much money?

  • Discretion and Portability

Mylar bags for 1/4 and 1/2 pounds of weed are the most perfect, portable, light-weight and effective solution for those who want to transport their weed discreetly. They easily can fit into the customer’s bag or purse and can be carried around effortlessly.

  • Stylish Appearance

Our mylar bags are glossy and opaque, which gives your products a very premium and professional look. These bags are sure to be treasured by your customers even after they are out of the weed. 

  • Maintaining Quality

Oxidation is the interaction of oxygen with a substance, it can convert tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in cannabis products to cannabinol (CBN), thereby degrading the quality of the cannabis. Mylar bag's ability to grant protection from external factors like oxygen helps maintain the premium quality of your product, ensuring consumers enjoy the same standard of excellence no matter when they use it. 

Where can I buy 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags at wholesale prices?

An ideal packaging solution that offers prolonged shelf life to your products is crucial. There's no doubt that mylar bags are essential for marijuana businesses, but you should also consider where you can get these dispensary supplies at best rates. Our store can help your marijuana brand stand out from the rest by providing high-quality cannabis packaging solutions.

MJ Wholesale has just the right wholesale packaging solutions at the lowest prices. Check out our collection of the 1/4 lb - 1/2lb mylar bags, which you can purchase in bulk quantities- 10 pieces, 50 pieces or 100 pieces. With their gusseted bottom, it is easy to make them stand up right and their zipper lock makes it easy to use and reuse them. They’re available in three varieties: Glossy Gold, Glossy Black and Silver. Their appearance makes them look sleek and professional. They possess a tear notch and are heat sealable.

By sourcing mylar bags in bulk from our store, you're getting quality marijuana packaging that will help attract more consumers to your business. Since we always give you the best prices, it makes sense to choose your wholesale mylar bags from us. With various marijuana bag options and our expert knowledge in cannabis packaging, purchasing your mylar bags from us is undoubtedly the smartest move for your brand.

1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags – The Final Verdict

Mylar bags are the perfect solution for marijuana businesses looking to keep their cannabis products fresh and create an attractive overall look for their product. Mylar bags are the best form of compliant flower packaging because they're impact-resistant, can be fully opaque, keep dank aromas in a while keep light, air, and moisture out, and can be reused and resealed.

For these reasons, 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags remain the top option for cannabis packaging. However, it's important to ensure you source your wholesale mylar bags from a reliable supplier such as MJ Wholesale to prioritize top-notch quality, and affordability at the same time. With our competitive rates and unparalleled customer service, you can rest assured that your cannabis business will reach new heights by associating with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions about 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags

  • Do your 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags have UV protection?

Yes, our collection of mylar bags is opaque and therefore provide optimal protection from UV light. This is especially important for cannabis products, as exposure to UV light can degrade the quality of your product. 

  • What material are your ¼ - ½ LB Mylar bags made from?

Our mylar bags are made from PET/VMPET/LLDPE.

  • Are 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags heat sealable?

Yes, 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb mylar bags are heat sealable. They can be sealed with a heat sealer machine, or a flat iron too. 

  • What are some of the best features of your ¼ lb – ½ lb mylar bags?

One of the most remarkable features of our collection of ¼ lb – ½ lb mylar bags is that they have a glossy finish and squared edges that give them a professional yet stylish look. Plus, they have a gusseted bottom, are heat sealable, made in USA, and most importantly, are child resistant. 

  • What is the thickness of your ¼ lb- ½ lb mylar bags?

Our metallized zipper pouches have a thickness of 4 mil.

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