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Pipe Screens & Accessories


Pipe Screens serve as mega-utility accessories that help smokers avoid chunks of ash and debris while smoking through their pipes, bongs or bubblers. MJ Wholesale proudly presents a vast range of pipe screens you can stock up at your dispensary, head shop or smoke shop. Randy’s Stainless-Steel Screens are the highlight of our pipe screen collection. We have them in various sizes such as with diameters of  ½ inch, 3/4 inch, 13/16 inch and 5/8 inch. Some of these sizes are also available in brass. Each jar consists of 36 packs, each pack consists of 20 screens each which is a whopping 720 screens per jar!

Randy’s Mesh Screens are known to provide an efficient filtration system and elevate the smoking experience of the user.  The mesh screen has to be molded to sit perfectly at the bottom of the bowl of the smoking piece, with the dry herb packed on top of it. The pipe screens ensure an uninterrupted airflow while protecting the herb. Randy’s stainless steel mesh screen are highly versatile and can be used with a majority of glass, ceramic, wood, silicone and metal smoking pieces.

Pipe screens are a great way for smokers to filter out the burnt herb or ashes from reaching their lungs. Pipe screens are a handy accessory for smokers who want to inhale clean and smooth smoke. Pipe screens also keep the smoking device and the bowl clean and free of debris, reducing the need for excessive maintenance of the smoking devices. 

The purpose of this post is to provide you with all the information about Pipe Screens. Here is an overview of all the topics we will be discussing. 

·       What is a Pipe Screen?

·       The types of Pipe Screens

·       How do Pipe Screens work?

·       How to use Pipe Screens?

·       How to clean Pipe Screens?

·       Why should you stock up on Pipe Screens for your shop?

·       Where can you buy Pipe Screens at wholesale prices?

·       Pipe Screens– The Final Verdict

·       Frequently Asked Questions about Pipe Screens

What is a Pipe Screen?

A pipe screen is a small, round piece of metal, such as stainless steel, wire or brass, that can be placed inside a smoking pipe's bowl. The screen serves two primary purposes: to keep ash and other materials from entering the pipe and to help keep the bowl clean by allowing air to circulate freely. A pipe screen is more than just a physical barrier between your herb and the pipe's bowl and allows a debris-free smoking experience. Also, it prevents clogging by allowing air to circulate freely and preventing clogging. 

Types of Pipe Screens

Many types of pipe screens are available on the market, made from various materials. Metals such as brass and stainless steel are quite popularly used to make pipe screens. Let’s look at some of the pipe screens from our collection at MJ Wholesale

  • Stainless steel Pipe Screens: Stainless steel screens provide thorough air circulation while protecting the herb from any harm. Stainless steel is a one-of-a-kind material with a very high melting temperature. This is why it has the ability to withstand higher temperature and temperature changes as compared to other metals.
  • Brass Pipe Screens: Brass screens have a lower melting point than stainless steel. This makes brass an ideal material for those who love the look of metal and don’t heat very high. 
  • Wire Mesh Pipe Screens: Wire mesh screens are made from various metals, including brass and stainless steel. These types of screens provide excellent air circulation while still protecting your tobacco or marijuana. 

Pipe Screens are also available in different sizes. Pipe screens with diameters ½ inch¾ inch5/8 inch and 13/16 inch are available on MJ Wholesale

How do Pipe Screens work?

A pipe screen allows air to flow freely through the pipe's bowl while preventing ash or the debris from entering. The screen keeps the bowl clean by allowing air to circulate freely and preventing clogging. Pipe screens are useful for keeping herb and ash chunks out of the smoker’s mouth and aid in keeping the pipe clean for longer. These accessories are great for smoking out of glass pipes and can also be used for bubblers and bongs. They keep the bong water clean and prevent wastage of herb. 

How to use a Pipe Screen?

Before smoking through a Pipe Screen, your customers must have all the necessary materials with them. The right size of pipe screen is vital. Here are some of the items they'll need to use Pipe Screens during their smoking session.  

  • Pipe Screen     
  • Smoking pipe 
  • Herbs or tobacco
  • Lighter

Once they have the necessary materials, they can follow these steps to use the Pipe Screens.

Clean out the bowl: It's critical to ensure no ashes or herbs are beneath your bowl. It should be cleaned thoroughly before you are ready to smoke out of it. 

Place the screen: Place the pipe screen over the bowl so the holes face downwards. Ensure the screen is the right size. A small one will cause stuff to fall off the holes and cause clogging. A big one will be loose enough and create problems when packing the bowl. 

Pack the bowl: Pack the bowl with your favorite herb as you do normally. The only difference will be that there is a pipe screen at the bottom. 

Light it up: Use a lighter to light the herbs and take small puffs. Enjoy your smoke! 

Removing the Screen: After smoking, you can gently remove the pipe screen. Slowly shake it off to remove any dry ash or debris over it. If it is a glass pipe screen, you can wipe it with a wet cloth.

How to clean a Pipe Screen?

A pipe screen should be cleaned regularly to prevent buildup and ensure optimal performance. Here are some tips for cleaning the pipe screen.

  • Soak the screen: Soak the screen in rubbing alcohol or soapy water for several minutes to loosen any buildup.
  • Scrub the screen: Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the screen. Be sure to scrub all the nooks and crannies to remove the buildups.
  • Rinse the screen: Rinse the screen with warm water to remove any soap or alcohol residue.
  • Allow the screen to dry: Allow the screen to air dry or pat it dry with a clean towel.
  • Replace the screen: Replace the screen if it is damaged or excessively dirty or its holes get bigger.

Why should I stock up on Pipe Screens in my smoke shop?

Using a pipe screen is fast becoming an important part of the healthier smoking experience for the smoking community. Pipe screens help keep their pipe or bong clean and prevent the smoke from getting too hot and causing it to burn the lips. Your customers will appreciate being able to purchase pipe screens from your shop. You can also stock up a variety of pipe screens to accommodate the varying smoking preferences of different customers. 

Here are a few reasons for stocking up on pipe screens for your smoke shop.

  • Prevents clogging: Pipe screens help to keep the pipe or bong clean by preventing clogging.
  • Improves smoking experience: Pipe screens can improve the smoking experience by preventing the herb from getting too hot and causing a lip burn. 
  • Keeps the debris out: Pipe screens help keep ash and other debris out of the bowl of the pipe, which can make smoking more enjoyable and healthier.
  • Available in a variety: With the variety of pipe screens available, your customers get the opportunity to choose the type that best suits their needs, whether it is the size of the screen or the material it is made of. 

Where can I buy Pipe Screens at wholesale prices?

At MJ Wholesale, you can find a variety of materials, sizes, and types of pipe screens according to the needs of your customers. 

The Randy's screen jars in our collection come with 36 pouches of stainless steel or brass mesh screens, each of which has 20 individual screens that are appropriate for use in most glass, metal, ceramic, silicone, and wood smoking devices. Customers can enjoy an elevated and debris-free smoking experience with the efficient filtering system provided by these pipe screens. 

Regardless of the pipe screen type you are looking for; you can find it at MJ Wholesale. Your business is sure to have a steady stream of customers and high sales when you stock up the smoking equipment and accessories from MJ Wholesale.

Pipe Screens– The Final Verdict

The use of pipe screens is an integral part of the smoking experience for many smokers. By stocking up on pipe screens, you can offer your customers a variety of choices and further improve their smoking experience.

A pipe screen prevents draw-through and resin buildup. After using a pipe screen, smokers can easily dump the ash out of the bowl rather than allowing it to sit there and acquire germs and damage the look and life of their smoking device. Overall, a pipe screen makes the smoker’s life easier while significantly improving the smoking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pipe Screens

  • When should I replace my pipe screen?

Pipe screens need to be replaced if they get rusty, or their holes get big. They can also be replaced every 15 days depending on the smoker’s usage. 

  • Can I use a pipe screen with my bong?

Yes. You can use a pipe screen with your bong or bubbler. It also helps keep the water clean for a long period of time. 

  • What size pipe screen should I use?

The size of the pipe screen you need depends on the size of the bowl on your pipe or bong. It would be a good idea to get screens that are the same size as the bowl or slightly smaller.

  • Do pipe screens go bad when they are overheated?

Overheating will shorten the life of pipe screens and will generate toxic fumes while heating. Try to avoid extremely hot temperatures. If you must, do not leave them in for extended periods.

  • What are the benefits of using a pipe screen?

Pipe screens work as a filter and keep the ash and other debris out of the bowl of the smoking device. They also prevent clogging and elevate the smoking experience of the smoker. 


Your customers will be elated to buy top-quality, premium grade metal screens from you, that will not only extend the life of their smoking equipment but also provide them with a smoother and healthier smoking experience. Get your hands on these high-quality pipe screens from MJ Wholesale at wholesale rates and  provide your customers with a debris-free and smoother smoking experience. 


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