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$200 Order Minimum
$200 Order Minimum

9 mL Concentrate Container

We have various types of containers that are 9 mL. 9 mL containers will hold approximately 9 mL of product. 

When you want to store just 9 ML of concentrate, holding it in big containers seems like a waste. Wouldn’t you rather keep it in small and compact, classy-looking concentrate containers? MJ Wholesale has a collection of 9 ml concentrate containers in various shapes such as triangle, circle, and square.

Each 9ml container has a clear, high-quality glass body, giving it a premium look. They are available in black as well as white-colored lids. These containers are child-safe, compact in design, and keep your concentrate fresh for a long time.

MJ Wholesale also features a range of TriQube triangle-shaped and Qube square-shaped 9ml concentrate containers. They have a smooth finish and sleek child-resistant cap that can impress your customers. The sophisticated and simple design of the TriQube

containers allows you to feature any logo and customize your product. You can get these TriQube containers in clear glass with black or white lids. They are also available in opaque black with black lids and opaque white with white lids.

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Available in: 5 mL7 mL, 9 mL