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Add a spunky and sporty glamour to your smoke shop with the exclusive skateboard collection at MJ Wholesale. Featuring a range of mind-boggling rollers with creative artwork, we have a ton of variety you can offer your customers. 

With a variety of plastic skateboards as well as branded skateboards from Zig Zag itself, you will find too many options to choose from. Zig Zag skateboards look super appealing as they feature the iconic Zig Zag logo and come in quirky and attractive designs. They have an 8-inch deck and are made from 7 ply American wood. Some are standard, while some are medium concave and symmetrical in shape. The Zig Zag skateboards are light but strong at the same time. You can stock up on designs such as the Tie-Dye, Original White, French Orange, Blue, and King Black Skateboard.

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