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Gloves, Funnels, & Tongs


States across the nation continue to legalize the use of marijuana. The cannabis industry is waking up to everything they'll need in place. Cannabis handling equipment, like gloves, funnels, and tongs, is only going to get more popular as the industry skyrockets.

Why? Because every piece of flower touched directly by hand instead of through a glove, tongs, or a funnel loses precious trichomes and other compounds.

Touching flower by hand gets cannabis compounds on your fingers, and get your natural oils on the cannabis. Not only is it unhygienic, but it's also not what's best for the plant. Touching by hand can cause the potency to degrade, sometimes drastically!

Fortunately, using gloves, funnels, and tongs when handling your product helps you easily avoid all of this. Make sure you're stocked up on your supplies for your smoke shop, dispensary, or other business so you're making your consumers' experiences the best they can be!

Marijuana, concentrates, oil and other forms of cannabis are incredibly sensitive and can get contaminated easily by the human touch. Therefore, cannabis handling equipment such as tongs, gloves, and funnels are gaining incredible importance as marijuana legalization expands.

Never handle the flowers with your bare hands, as the natural oils tend to attach themselves to the flower and they lose their precious trichomes, ultimately deteriorating their quality. Proper cannabis handling equipment guarantees you can keep your product pristinely intact and don’t need to touch them. 

This post has all the information you need about cannabis handling equipment like Gloves, Funnels, and Tongs. Get ready for a comprehensive overview of the topic. Here’s what we'll cover. 

  • What is cannabis handling equipment?
  • The types of cannabis handling equipment
  • How does cannabis handling equipment work?
  • How to use cannabis handling equipment?
  • How to clean cannabis handling equipment?
  • Why should you stock up on cannabis handling equipment for your shop?
  • Where can you buy cannabis handling equipment at wholesale prices?
  • Cannabis handling equipment – The Final Verdict
  • Frequently Asked Questions about cannabis handling equipment

What is cannabis handling equipment?

Cannabis handling equipment is essential to ensure safety and efficiency of cannabis products in cannabis businesses. These tools are intended to eliminate any human contact with plant material while simultaneously preventing any contaminants from infiltrating the product. Investing in these items gives you peace of mind that your cannabis products will remain potent and safe through every processing and production stage.

These tools include gloves, funnels, tongs, and more. Gloves are the most common type of cannabis handling equipment designed to prevent contamination from human oils or skin contact with the product. Funnels allow for precise measurements and filtration when transferring liquids or solids into containers, while Tongs help in carefully picking up smaller items like buds or flowers without damaging them.

Other cannabis handling equipment include hair nets, beard nets, gravy boats, sheet pans, scoop shovels, and more. Each of these items offers unique advantages.

The types of cannabis handling equipment

There are various types of cannabis handling equipment available on the market, depending on your requirements. The most popular include gloves, tongs, and funnels.

 Let’s take a look at each type in-depth:

  • Gloves: Gloves are used to ensure that hands remain free from contaminants or germs while protecting against skin irritation from contact with cannabis flowers and oils. Most gloves come in latex for improved grip and dexterity when handling products; however, latex may cause an allergic reaction for some users, so it is best to use a non-latex option.
  • Tongs: Tongs are often used for manipulating cannabis flowers and trimming to separate the buds from their stems. They can also be used to move items from one container to another, making them incredibly useful during production.
  • Funnels: Funnels are a must-have for any cannabis grower or dispensary. They transfer liquids such as oils easily between containers without spilling or creating messes. Additionally, they come in handy when preparing large batches of edibles, tinctures, and capsules since they allow users to fill each container with an accurate dosage amount quickly and efficiently.
  • Hair and Beard Nets: Hair and beard nets ensure no stray or facial hair enter the cannabis products. They come in various sizes and styles, making them ideal for production and retail settings.
  • Gravy Boat: A gravy boat is a small bowl-like container designed to hold liquids such as oils or concentrates while allowing an easy material flow into another container. They are commonly used when filling containers with oils, tinctures, or capsules during production.

How does cannabis handling equipment work?  

Cannabis handling equipment is created to simplify the process of handling cannabis, moving materials from one container to another, minimizing any possible mess or contamination. From gloves and tongs for transferring cannabis flower and oils to hairnets that keep stray hairs away from the product, we're sure you'll appreciate a clean environment throughout this entire procedure! These are essentials if you are dealing with cannabis. With these tools in hand, even your customers can feel confident when having a look at your products or checking them out. 

How to use cannabis handling equipment?

As a dispensary or a smoke shop owner, it is essential to understand how to use cannabis handling equipment safely and efficiently. Let's have a look at how you can use these items properly:

Gloves: When using gloves, you must wear them correctly to ensure maximum protection against contaminants. Ensure both hands are fully covered before beginning work with any cannabis products, and never touch your face or mouth when wearing them. Additionally, change out for new ones once they become soiled or worn out.

Tongs: Tongs come in all shapes and sizes, so select the right ones for your task. When using tongs to separate cannabis flowers or trim, always grip firmly but gently, avoiding any squeezing or crushing of material. Tongs can also be used to transfer items from one container to another with ease.

Funnels: Funnels are ideal when transferring liquid materials such as oils between containers or into edibles and tinctures. Ensure that the funnel is on a stable surface before beginning work, and if you’re using a glass funnel, make sure not to overfill it, as this could cause it to break. Additionally, when transferring larger batches, pour slowly to prevent spilling or to overflow.

Hair and Beard Nets: Hair and beard nets are simple to use; simply place the netting over your head or chin, ensuring it’s secure before beginning work with any cannabis products. You must take extra precautions when wearing one to prevent product contamination.

Gravy Boat: Gravy boats make it easy to transfer liquids between containers while avoiding spilling or messes because of their tapered end. When using them, ensure that the boat is placed firmly on a stable surface before filling it up with material; then, pour slowly and steadily into the next container until fully transferred.

How to clean cannabis handling equipment?

It is important to clean cannabis handling equipment regularly to ensure a safe and hygienic environment. Properly cleaning the tools used for handling cannabis can be done with a combination of warm water and mild detergent, making sure to rinse properly afterward. It is also important to regularly inspect equipment for any signs of wear or damage, as these items should only be used when in top condition.

By following the above steps, you can ensure that your cannabis handling equipment will last a long time and that your products remain safe and uncontaminated. Remember, with the right tools in hand and a clean working environment, handling cannabis can be an enjoyable experience!

Why should I stock up on cannabis handling equipment in my shop?

Having cannabis handling equipment on hand is essential for any smoke shop, as it ensures a safe and hygienic environment for customers and employees at the same time. In addition to protecting against the contamination of products, these items can also help streamline the process of transferring materials from one container to another, making it safer, easier and faster than ever!

The quality and potency of cannabis must be safeguarded with the utmost care. To achieve this, it is essential to have professional equipment in place that will guarantee the safe, hygienic handling of marijuana products.

  • Protect the Product

To preserve the taste and potency of cannabis, it is critical to invest in appropriate handling tools such as gloves, tongs, and funnels. This form of equipment aids in safeguarding your product from contamination by avoiding direct contact with bare hands that may transfer oils or dirt. Investing in the right collection of supplies for your application needs guarantees a safer environment that will ultimately yield superior results.

  • Ensure Hygiene Standards

Ensuring that your facility follows the appropriate hygiene standards in a professional setting is paramount. By equipping yourself and your staff with hair nets, gloves, and any other necessary equipment, you can guarantee that no contaminants will be introduced to cannabis products. An experienced team of professionals coupled with top-notch handling equipment ensures customers receive only safe and high-quality items for their consumption. It also gives a great impression of your store or dispensary to any onlooker, visitor or customer.

  • Improve Efficiency

Using the right handling equipment can also improve the efficiency of your business. With the proper tools, employees can quickly and efficiently handle cannabis products, reducing the risk of mistakes or mishandling. This can help to increase productivity and ultimately lead to better customer satisfaction.

  • Meet Legal Requirements

In some areas, there may be legal requirements for handling cannabis products. By using the proper handling equipment, you can ensure that your business is compliant with the regulations. This can help prevent potential legal issues and save your business from possible penalties.

Where can I buy cannabis handling equipment at wholesale prices?

Using quality cannabis handling equipment is essential to ensure a safe and hygienic environment while providing customers with the best products and services. But where can you get the right supplies at wholesale prices? The answer is MJ Wholesale. 

At MJ Wholesale, we provide top-quality cannabis handling equipment to head shops, dispensaries and smoke shops at wholesale prices. We understand the importance of having hygienic and safe tools for your shop to ensure that your customers are receiving only the highest quality products available.

Our selection includes gloves, tongs, funnels, and more. All of these items are designed to provide optimal protection while handling marijuana products so that you can rest assured knowing your shop is following the best safety and hygiene practices. You can also browse a variety of marijuana packaging options on our website. 

We have a wide variety of equipment available to meet your needs and budget, so we have something for everyone regardless of whether they are basic supplies or high-tech products. 

Cannabis handling equipment – The Final Verdict

If you are a cannabis user or a smoke shop owner, you already know that having the right equipment to handle your cannabis products is crucial. From gloves to tongs to funnels, many different types of equipment are available to help you handle your cannabis safely and efficiently. 

Investing in high-quality cannabis handling equipment can improve the safety of your handling process and enhance the cannabis experience of your customers. When shopping for cannabis handling equipment, it's important to consider factors such as quality, durability, and pricing.  At MJ Wholesale, you get the best of all three under one roof. 

Frequently Asked Questions about cannabis handling equipment

  • Are the Metal Advance gloves reusable?

No, these gloves are non-sterile and disposable and therefore intended for single-use only.

  • How long are the Mabis Serrated Tongs

The Mabis Serrated Tongs are precision tongs that are 5 and a half inches in length and are made of 410 Stainless Steel. 

  • Which gloves work best while handling cannabis?

Disposable nitrile gloves are useful for growers when pruning, growing, processing, handling, and testing cannabis goods.

  • What is the size of the Canning Preserving Wide Mouth Funnel?

The Canning Preserving Wide Mouth Funnel is 5.5 inches, making it large enough for even grains like sugar, flour, and rice to flow through easily.

  • Is the Canning Preserving Wide Mouth Funnel suitable for canning or preserving?

Yes, this funnel is an essential equipment for canning or preserving. Its wide mouth makes it perfect for transferring ingredients without any spills or messes.

Add another level of professionalism and impress your clientele with tongs, gloves, and funnels on hand for whenever it's time to move a product. Make it easier for them to pick up flower when they're in your store with gloves and other equipment. 

This helps keep the product as potent as possible, not allowing it to degrade through your natural oils or through transfer onto skin. Take the smart approach today and upgrade your smoke shop, dispensary, or other business to have these supplies ready and in use!

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