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Get your hands on the best range of dab tools and enail accessories only at MJ Wholesale. Whether it’s an enail heater coil guard, an enail heater coil stand, or the complete enail kit, we have it all. Stock these awesome kits in your smoke shop and get that extra edge over your competitors. 

The MININAIL complete enail kit is a powerhouse of accessories loaded with utilities like the MiniNail Controller Box, Hybrid heater coil, 90-degree quartz ebanger, dabber with a carp cap, power cord, and is available in blue and silver colors. This wholesome kit is the perfect package consisting of all the necessary accessories your customers need! 

  • MININAIL Heater Coil Stand - 1 Count (Various Colors)-Dab Tools

    MININAIL Heater Coil Stand - 1 Count (Various Colors)


    Description: The MiniNail Heater Coil Stand keeps things cool because no one wants to keep a boiling hot or unused nail sitting in a dab rig, expos...

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  • MININAIL Heater Coil Guard 1 Count (Various Colors)-Dab Tools

    MININAIL Heater Coil Guard 1 Count (Various Colors)

    Original price $13.50
    Current price $10.00

    The new MiniNail Gen 2 MiniNail Heater Coil Guard helps prevent burns and accidents when using a hot Mini Nail enail. This new model is more versat...

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    Original price $13.50
    Current price $10.00

Concentrates are rising in popularity. Especially among those who do not prefer the conventional smoking method. eNails have become useful tools when dealing with cannabis concentrates. eNails make it easier to achieve the accurate temperature, allowing users to dab at the ideal heat and get the best flavor and hit. 

As a smoke shop owner, you need to offer the latest eNails and eNail accessories to stay ahead of your competitors in the market.This post is your guide to all things eNails. We'll be discussing a variety of topics, so here's an overview of what you can expect:

  • What is an eNail?
  • The types of eNails
  • How does an eNail work?
  • How to use an eNail?
  • How to clean an eNail?
  • Why should you stock up on eNails in your shop?
  • Where can you buy eNails at wholesale prices?
  • eNails – The Final Verdict
  • Frequently Asked Questions about eNails

What is an eNail?

Traditional dabbing involves heating a nail on the rig with a torch until it is red hot and then placing the cannabis extract on the heated nail. An e-nail offers an alternative to this process by providing an attachment that heats up electronically. These electronic nails can be plugged into wall sockets for power or consist of batteries installed in them.

An eNail is an electronic heating device designed to vaporize waxes and oils. It is used to achieve the desired temperature allowing the user to enjoy concentrates like wax and shatter without a torch. An eNail comprises four main components: a heating element, a temperature control unit, a power source, and the nail itself. The heating element is typically made of titanium or quartz and is connected to the temperature control unit. Depending on the type of eNail, the connection could be wired or wireless. The power source can be a simple outlet plug-in or could be more complex consisting of USB charging capabilities.

The types of eNail

There are three different types of eNails based on what material they are made of: titanium, quartz, and ceramic - each of which offers unique benefits.


Of all the metals, titanium is one of the toughest - able to withstand heat much better than the rest. Not only that, it heats up rapidly, too, making it perfect for dab nails! Hence titanium rightfully earns the title of most durable and popular material for eNails.


The beauty of Quartz is that it is not only easy to clean but can also withstand intense heat. Also, it heats up rapidly. You won't have to worry about any kind of interference with the dab's flavor when using a quartz setup!


Ceramic is a great option if one wants something a little easier on the wallet, as it doesn’t require much power to reach the optimal temperature. It has the longest heat retention compared to any dab nail material, and the clean flavor it provides makes it an ideal choice for connoisseurs.

How does an eNail work?

An e-nail is an innovative dabbing device that links to a controller box and gives the user an ability to control its temperature with the press of a button or turn of a dial. 

Unlike regular, non-electronic nails that require manual heating from handheld torches, this electronic variation offers consistent results due to precise regulation, enabling users to enjoy a more balanced and enjoyable smoking experience each time.

How to use an eNail?

If your customers are just getting started with concentrates, here are some simple steps to help them get up and running with using enails. 

Step 1: Choose the Dab Nail of choice

Before they can begin, your customers must decide between a ceramic, titanium or quartz nail. Once they have chosen one, they should make sure to properly clean the nail before using it with their rig.

Step 2: Connect the eNail to a power source

Once the customer has decided on the dab nail, they need to connect their eNail to an appropriate power source. Typically this is done by plugging an outlet adapter into a wall socket and connecting the eNail’s power cord from there.

Step 3: Choose the desired temperature

Next, customers must select the desired temperature for their smoking session using the corresponding knob or button on the controller box. Often, eNails offer a wide range of temperature settings to choose from.

Step 4: Heat the eNail

Once the desired temperature is selected, customers need only wait a few moments for their eNail to heat up to that temperature. Depending on the type of enail, this could take between 10 to 20 seconds.

Step 5: Enjoy the session!

Once the nail has reached the chosen temperature, customers can enjoy their smoking session without a worry! The consistent and even heat created by the eNail ensures that users get the most out of their concentrates with every hit. Experimenting with different temperatures can help them determine which temperatures produce more flavor or vapor - something that would be impossible with a regular nail.

How to clean an eNail?

Cleaning an eNail is a relatively simple as long as proper care is taken during the task.

Step 1Disconnect from the power source

First, the customers must disconnect their eNail from its power source to avoid accidents or injury.

Step 2: Remove the eNail from the rig

Customers then, should carefully remove the nail from their rig before beginning the cleaning process.

Step 3: Use Isopropyl Alcohol

Using a cotton swab or clean cloth, customers can apply isopropyl alcohol to gently scrub away any leftover residue on their eNail. However, they should be careful not to scratch or damage the nail, as this can affect its performance.

Step 4: Clean in hot water

After cleaning with isopropyl alcohol, customers should rinse their eNail in hot water for a few minutes and then dry it off with a clean cloth. This will help remove any residue or grime from the nail’s surface.

Step 5: Reattach the eNail to the rig

After the nail has been properly cleaned, customers can reattach it to their rig and enjoy another session with a sparkling clean eNail!

Why should I stock up on eNails in my shop?

With the growing popularity of concentrates, eNails are quickly becoming a must-have item for every cannabis business. They provide convenience, accuracy, and safety. They are also an essential asset to every smoker's collection. 

From novices to veteran smokers - everyone is looking to get maximum value out of their concentrate, and that can be achieved with an eNail! So, make sure your store has this sought-after tool – which will definitely feature on your customers' must-have list.

Here are a few reasons why your customers will love using eNails:

  • Provide Accurate Temperature Control

Knowing your preferred temperature is one of the most critical aspects of dabbing. Your concentrate's potency, taste, and vapor depend on it- because each compound has a unique boiling point that allows its properties to be unlocked. An eNail gives you immense control over this aspect. 

  • Provide Uniform Heating

E-nails utilize high-tech coil technology to heat concentrates evenly, ultimately conserving your dabs and enhancing flavor and vapor production with every inhale. Modern coils are extremely resilient, so you won't need to frequently switch them out for a satisfying dabbing experience.

  • Lower Risk of Burning Concentrates

Many dabbers, even experienced ones, can sometimes scorch their concentrates by mistake. When the torch is left on for too long, it eliminates the flavor as well as the desired effects from the terpenes and cannabinoids. ENails can help overcome this issue since you can manage a consistent temperature without having to worry about burning your concentrate.

  • Highly Reliable

They are incredibly reliable pieces crafted with cutting-edge materials and chipsets. Although some manufacturers create superior quality eNails than others, overall, this technology is dependable enough to ensure you can keep reaping all its benefits for a prolonged period without facing any major disruptions.

Where can I buy eNail at wholesale prices?

MJ Wholesale is the right place buy wholesale eNailseNail accessories and other items such as carb capsdabberslighters. With the huge selection of products available at MJ Wholesale you are sure to find exactly what your customers need. 

Our inventory is constantly replenished with the latest products, and orders are shipped within 1-2 business days - so you can rest assured that your shop will always stay stocked up with top-quality eNails and eNail accessories no matter how high the demand! 

eNails – The Final Verdict

eNails are becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience, accuracy, and safety they offer while dabbing concentrates. Your customers will appreciate just how much easier their session becomes when using one of these eNail devices. Make sure your shop is on track with this growing trend – stock up on eNail products today at wholesale prices from MJ Wholesale.

Frequently Asked Questions about eNails

  • What is an eNail heater coil stand?

An eNail heater coil stand is used to keep the eNail on standby when it is unused or boiling hot. Keeping the nail in the dab rig might expose it to possible damage. You can check out the MiniNail Heater Coil Stand available at MJ Wholesale. 

  • What is an eNail heater coil guard?

A heater coil guard helps prevents any injury or burns when using a hot eNail. You can check out the MiniNail Heater Coil Guard available at MJ Wholesale.

  • What is an enail coil?

An enail coil is a type of heating element used in e-nails. The coil is usually made from titanium, which helps distribute the heat evenly throughout the dabbing surface. This ensures that the concentrate doesn't get scorched or burnt and provides consistent dabs each time.

  • How long does an Enail take to heat up?

When you activate your eNail, it will heat up and reach the preset temperature of 710 degrees in approximately two minutes.

  • How long do Enail coils last?

On an average, a new coil can last for up to two weeks. However, this time period may get shortened due to the residue left behind from vaporized e-liquids.

The MININAIL heater coil stand, available in golden and silver color, serves as a classy offering in smoke shops. Made with high-quality, polished stainless steel, it can work with any heater coil. It helps hold dabber tools as well. The MININAIL heater coil guard, made of high-quality titanium, features an anodized black handle and is compatible with all mini-enails. It has a removable carp cap for easy cleaning, and its sharp edges make slicing through dabs simple. Available in gold and silver colors, it features a cyclone carp cap to make a vortex inside the dish. Its slightly curved flattened edge makes it easy to use. With the fantastic offers, low prices, and wide variety we offer at MJ Wholesale, you can purchase all your required smoking accessories in bulk, from a single supplier, within no time!

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