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$200 Order Minimum

Palm Wraps


MJ Wholesale is the right stop to stock up on some high-quality palm wraps for your smoke shop – at wholesale prices! King Palm flavored Rollie pre-rolls are unmissable - they hold up to 0.5g of flower and come with flavor-infused filter tips and a packing stick for easy preparation. They're perfect for solo sessions too! 

The future of rolling is here with King Palm 5PK King Size Rolls with Boveda Packs! These are entirely tobacco and chemical-free, consisting of 100% authentic palm leaf. They include a natural corn husk filter that can be a bit squeezed for smoother, cooler smoke. For a super slow-burning, tobacco-free blunt, ask your customers to combine them with their favorite ground product.

The King Palm Banana Cream Slim Rolls are far more than your average pre-rolled cones. In the center of each leaf roll is a terpene-filled flavor capsule, which makes it ideal for smoking. Smokers can enjoy the delicious hits produced by these slim rolls and the flavor of these banana-flavored puffs simultaneously. 

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