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It's no secret that hemp wraps are all the rage these days. It is time to add something interesting to your dispensary with the MJ Wholesale's range of Royal Blunts. These premium wraps are available in various delicious flavors that will leave your customers wanting more. They are incredibly smooth, and the wrapper stays intact throughout the entire burn.

Choose from the best-selling flavor for your customers, or get them all! The Hemparillo Strawberry Flavor Blunts are made with high-quality European hemp and combine the delicious taste of strawberry with all of the benefits of hemp. Your customers can enjoy the juicy grape flavor with the Hemparillo Grape wraps, made from high-quality hemp, perfect for smokers who want an enjoyable, flavorful experience.

You can also stock up on the Sweets flavorCali-Fire cherry flavor, and the Berry blunt wraps that'll leave the taste buds of smokers bedazzled! So why wait? Tingle your customers' taste buds with the classic Royal Blunts, crafted to meet the needs of today's smokers. 

Hemp wraps are storming the market like wildfire, so make sure you're on board with Royal Blunts' line of Hemparillo Wraps. Get your hands on the Royal Blunts display box consisting of 15 packs and each pack containing 4 wraps. These delightful wraps are tobacco and nicotine-free. Available at the lowest prices only on MJ Wholesale, buy these awesome blunt packs for your store and witness how your customers start flooding your store. Say yes to fantastic flavors with Royal Blunts Hemparillo Range! 



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