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90mm Cart Packaging / Blunt Tube

 A must-have in your inventory, the 90mm MJ Wholesale brand joint tubes, are perfect for pre-roll littles – whether it is the 1 ¼ inch cones, 84 mm cones or the 70 mm dog walkers. They can also be used to safely carry 510 thread vape cartridges. You can choose from the 90 mm Opaque Black or the 90 mm Opaque White varieties. The opaqueness of these tubes make them naturally UV blocking.

Fill Your Carts with Sharrb Cart Fillers!

If you prefer the transparent variation for cannabis packaging, you can opt for the  90 mm Clear Translucent variety that we have. You can easily buy in bulk with various options such as 500, 1000, 2000 and 27000 (a pallet). The best thing when you buy with us is that you save more when you buy more. Made in America, the 90 mm versatile joint tubes can also be used to store fresh herb and keep it potent for a long duration.

Joint, Cone, Doob, & Blunt Tubes 90mm 116mm

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