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All Orders Ship Same Business Day

78mm Blunt Tube



78mm MJ Wholesale Brand Joint tubes are a must-have for any smoker.

Designed specifically for any 1 1/4 Inch Cones, 84mm cones or 70mm Dog Walker

Even if you aren't a fan of joints or blunts, a joint tube helps you keep your herb fresh and potent until you can smoke it.

Our opaque joint tubes for pre-rolls secure tight, making them child-resistant. Available in Black. More color options coming soon.

Joint, Cone, Doob, & Blunt Tubes

78mm | 94mm | 98mm (98 Special) | 116mm

Dram Pop Tops

13 Dram | 19 Dram | 30 Dram | 60 Dram | Tamper-Evident

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