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Storage & Lock Boxes

Lock Boxes, Storage Cases & Transport bags We stock many brands of Smell Proof Container/Stash Boxes such as VAULTZ, Guardian, Skunk Bags and STR8 Brand Glass Cases. Our storage boxes for cannabis are made out of durable odor-proof materials to not only lock away your cannabis, but it will prevent anyone from smelling it in the room. Hide your weed in a safe smell-proof space with our Storage Lockboxes. Then use our STR8 Brand Cases to protect your glass!


When it comes to selecting storage and lock boxes, we know that you’re looking for storage that is odor-free and secure. All of our storage and lock box offerings are made of durable, odor-proof materials to ensure your product is protected and discreet. Pairing one of our storage lockboxes with a STR8 Brand Case is the go-to option when it comes to safely storing your product. 

STR8 Brand Glass Storage & Lock Boxes

8 Inch STR8 Case | 10 Inch STR8 Case | 13 Inch STR8 Case | 17 Inch STR8 Case | 23 Inch STR8 Case | STR8 Torch Case | All STR8 Cases


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