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23 Inch STR8 Case


This 23" STR8 Roller Case With 6 Layer Pre-Cut Foam provides you with the ultimate in space, glass protection and rolling case portability. This rolling STR8 Brand Cases comes in a whopping 6 foam layer depth to protect your glass bongs or dab rigs. Imagine a hard-cased padded piece of luggage for your glassware! All STR8 Cases are IP67 certified and come with a 30-year warranty!

8 Inch STR8 Case | 10 Inch STR8 Case | 13 Inch STR8 Case | 17 Inch STR8 Case | 23 Inch STR8 Case | STR8 Torch Case | All STR8 Cases

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These 23 Inch STR8 Brand Cases protect your glass bongs or dab rigs. The 23 Inch STR8 Cases come in a wide variety of colors and are cut with 2 layers of protection to provide you with double the storage space for your glassware.

8 Inch STR8 Case | 10 Inch STR8 Case | 13 Inch STR8 Case | 17 Inch STR8 Case | STR8 Torch Case | All STR8 Cases


STR8 is a high quality brand we put a lot of our faith into. The many options for color and size makes it easy to find a case perfect for your needs. This 23” glass transport case is perfect for taking your glassware on the go. The two layers of protection also provide you with two layers of storage. The STR8 cases have a wide color range to make sure you find the perfect case for your glass piece. The various sizes make it incredibly easy to find the right case for your piece. 

These 23 inch STR8 cases come with a 30-year warranty. All STR8 Cases are IP67 certified! These are great cases whether you're a dispensary looking for a high quality product for merchandise or a stoner looking to product your glass. We're proud to bring you high quality products at low prices