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Die Lines-MJ Wholesale

Die Lines

Where does Beast Branding make their mylar bags? Mylar Bags made by Beast Branding are made right here in Detroit Michigan! Find your Die here

Mylar Bag Die Lines
Gram Mylar Bag Die Line

Half Oz Mylar Bag Die Line

1/4 Oz Mylar Bag Die Line

1/8 oz Mylar Bag Die Line

1 oz Mylar Bag Die Line

1 Lb Mylar Bag Die Line

2 Lb Mylar Bag Die Line

Banner Die Lines
Retractable Banner Die Line

Blunt Tube Die Lines
DT 90mm Die Line 3.0304” x 2.0616”
DT 116mm Die Line 3.9641” x 2.2734”
Ganja 116mm 3.6804” x 2.2403”
Philips RX 116mm 3.6586” x 2.0123”

Concentrate Container Die Lines
Qube 5mL Die Line
Qube 5mL Tamper Band Die Line
Qube 9mL Die Line

Chubby Gorilla Die Lines & Dims
Aviator Dimensions and Labels 2023

Label Sticker Die Lines
2.62 in x 1.625 in

2 in x 5.25 in

.5 in x 1.75 in

 4 in x 2 in

 2.5 in x 1.875 in

1.5 in x 8 in

6 in x 4 in

0.875 in x 1.25 in

1.25 in x 4.625 in 

4 in x 5 in

4.5 in x 2.675 in 

3.932 in x 2.2739 in DT Brand - Tapered

3.6804 in x 2.2403 in Tapered for Philips Rx Brand 116mm 

4 in x 3 in

2.5 in x 6.5 in

3 in x 2 in

2.45 in x 6.75 in

3 in x 1 in

3.5 in x 2.5 in

2.25 in x 2.75 in


1 in x 1 in

0.75 in x 0.75

0.375 in x 0.375 in

0.5 in x 0.5 in

1.25 in x 1.25 in

1.125 in x 1.125 in

1.5 in x 1.5 in

2.5 in x 2.5 in 

3 in x 3 in


1.25 in

0.5 in

1.5 in

0.75 in

2.5 in

1.375 in

1.75 in

1 in

3 in

1.125 in

Tamper Evident Labels

4.2421 in x 1.7177 in

0.7 in x 2.3006 in


Beast Branding Mylar Bags is a Michigan-based premier manufacturing company famous for its custom packaging and shipping boxes. They started back in 2007 and have extensive knowledge and expertise in packaging, making them the leaders in the packaging supply industry. Loud Lock is a famous packaging brand with a deep understanding of the trends and demands of the packaging industry. They constantly invent and reinvent, keeping the customer's need in mind. The loud lock mylar bags are one of the best packaging and storing solutions for marijuana.

Why should you choose the Loud Lock Bags?

  • Unique Design and compliant 

    The loud lock bags have a gusset bottom that expands with ease when it is filled. Along with the easy expansion, the gusset bottom ensures that the bags can stand upright on your shelves for a clear display. The child-resistant range of the Loud Lock mylar bags is an easy way to stay compliant with your State's regulations. 

    • Economical

    If you're looking for an economical and effective packaging solution for your dispensary or smoke shop, the loud lock bags are your best bet. The loud lock mylar bags are economical and can be purchased in bulk at the best wholesale prices only on MJ Wholesale

    • Retains Freshness

      The bags are oxygen absorbent for food storage and hence keep the bag's contents fresh and retain their delicious smell. These bags are vacuum-sealable and heat-sealable, which means you can seal them using a majority of the food heat sealer machines. You can do this by sealing it above the tear notches following the instructions on your machine. This extends the shelf life of your bag's contents because of the added extra layer of protection. 

      • Multi-Purpose

        Loud Lock bags are ideal for storing dry herbs but not restricted to just that. You can use the loud lock bags for storing literally anything ranging from snacks, candies, coffee, cookies, nuts, sugar, medicine, dried fruits, spices, and liquids too! They can be used as sample bags or for keeping your electronics dry and safe, storing makeup, or keeping your jewelry untangled. 

        • Durable and Thick

          The Loud Lock Mylar Bags are six mils thick which is considered an ideal thickness for storage bags. The high mylar foil's strength ensures that your bag won't tear or rip. Their water-resistance feature prevents any liquid from seeping through the bag and reaching the bag's contents.  Being puncture-resistant and sturdy, they are convenient to carry. They can withstand harsh conditions and logistics too. 

          • Smell Proof

            The bags are designed with an airtight ziplock to lock the odors within the bag and lock the dirt, water, and moisture out of the bag. It is an ideal solution for long-term storage. They serve as an ideal alternative to pop vials because they are smell-proof. 

            • Easy to open and Resealable

              The resealable bags are designed in a way that you can open and reseal the bag as per requirement. They feature an airtight zip lock which helps you reseal the bag after each use. 

              Loud Lock bags are manufactured with high-quality standards and are designed thoughtfully. The entire line of Loud lock bags consists of a wide variety such as child-resistant, non-child-resistant, Grip n Pull, among others. You can select the one that suits you best according to the product you wish to store, whether edibles concentrate, flower, or any other cannabis product.

              Loud Lock bags of varying capacities are available on MJ Wholesale

              Perfect for keeping 1 gram of your dry product fresh, these loud lock bags are child-resistant too. They are available in various colors such as black, white, kraft, and silver. 

              These bags can easily accommodate 3.5 grams of flower, are durable and sturdy. They are available in opaque and vista styles. Contrast to opaque that has both sides colored, and the vista style has one side clear for easy visibility of the product.

              Seven grams of flower can fit into the ¼ Oz bag. It keeps your dry product fresh and potent. You can choose from a variety of colors such as gold, silver, white and black. 

              You can store up to 14 grams of your product in this bag. It is the best option to keep your product fresh and potent. 

              Store up to 28 grams of your dry product in this bag. These bags are child-resistant and can be purchased in vibrant colors such as red, gold, silver, or standard colors such as white and black. 

              MJ Wholesale also features a range of loud lock bags according to their functionality and features:

              Built with high quality and available in various styles, large opaque bags are perfect for dispensaries in states with more restrictions. These bags are durable and can be used  during transportation and storage, making them the best choice for growers and processors. 

              Dispensaries that stock edibles owing to public demand need packaging that is apt for storage. The Low wholesale prices and bulk quantity of the edible mylar bags make it a popular choice for storing edibles. Opaque options can be purchased in the edible bag range too. 

              One of the best features of vacuum seal bags is that the customer can customize the size of their bag according to their needs. Vacuum bags can provide long-term storage ranging from weeks to months. When stored well, the absence of oxygen in the bags ensures that the precious terpenes and other compounds of your cannabis stay potent and stable. 

              The preroll bags are available in white, black, transparent, and opaque styles for the perfect storage of your joints. Additionally, you can even store concentrates and edibles in your preroll bags. 

              Specifically designed to keep the bag away from your children, the Grip n Pull and Dympak mylar bags offer top-notch protection. Both of these varieties are heat sealable. Pinch n Slide bag is perfect for dispensaries that need a protective exit bag for their customers. Available in white, black, clear, and opaque styles, you can choose your preferred child-resistant bags!

              To comply with the laws of your State, having a stock of proper exit bags is crucial. Pinch n Slide bags are incredibly versatile and helpful for this purpose. Mylar exit bags are popular as they are reusable and popular with the customers. 

              The utility of the loud lock mylar bags is extensive and well-proven. If you need a long-term solution for your herb storage, MJ Wholesale is the best wholesale partner for your favorite marijuana packaging.
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