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$200 Order Minimum

Raw Brand Products


Raw is one of the most recognizable brands in the category of modern cannabis accessories. The market’s high demand for Raw is the driving force behind MJ Wholesale’s thorough inventory of Raw products. Most smokers come in contact with Raw products when they’re looking for papers. Raw doesn’t bleach their papers, unlike some rolling paper companies, as they utilize materials such as hemp for a more natural product. Bleached papers have a white coloring, whereas hemp papers usually have a more tan appearance. Unbleached paper products, including Raw, are generally favored by smokers as they don’t contain additional chemicals intended to produce slower-burning products. Natural hemp papers tend to contain less of a smell when burned than bleached papers due to their negation of chemicals. 

While papers may be one of Raw’s best selling accessories, the company’s offerings don’t stop there. Rolling trays, Zippo lighters, and rolling machines are just the start of what you’ll find through MJ Wholesale’s Raw product inventory. MJ Wholesale is glad to help you return to your favorite Raw products or discover new offerings from the famous company.