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Custom Square Stickers

Looking for custom labels specifically for your square-shaped containers? We’ve got just the right ones for you. Check out our collection of Custom Square Stickers. At MJ Wholesale you can order a bulk quantity of custom square stickers for your product’s packaging. You can use these stickers on your square jars, whether it is on the jar lid or jar bottom. Buy your stickers at wholesale prices from bulk quantities of 100 pieces to 10,000 pieces with us.  

We can create customized square stickers as per your requirements. Just upload your graphic, choose the quantity and sit back! We print and deliver your custom square stickers within no time. We offer diverse sizes for each kind of packaging. Offering 1 x 1-inch square labels for 5mL Square jars, 1.25 x 1.25-inch square labels for 9mL Square jars and 3 x 3-inch square labels for 1/8 oz mylar bags, ¼ oz mylar bags, gram mylar bags and 60 dram pop top vials

Customize your square stickers by putting your brand logo, brand message, strain information, dosage details or contact info on them. Use your brand colors and fonts to make them unique. These customizations will boost your brand identity and make it easy for customers to recognize your brand’s products even from store shelves.In case you don’t have a graphic ready for printing, we can help you with your graphic design at minimal costs. We also offer several types of marijuana packaging products like pop top vialsconcentrate containersjars and mylar bags at wholesale prices. 

All our stickers are made and printed in America and are available for you at affordable prices. Try out our custom stickers and elevate your brand visibility within no time.  MJ Wholesale is your one stop shop for all kinds of marijuana packaging and customizations at the lowest prices! 


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