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Bud Trimmers & Sorters

MJ Wholesale proudly presents a diverse range of bud trimmers and sorters for every cannabis facility! With the high-function bud trimmers, shredders, sifters, and sorters we have in stock, you can easily remove leaves and stems from your buds, repeatedly saving time and money. 

Get the perfect cannabis and hemp de-budding machinery with the EZ Trim Bud Shucker! This powerful machine can swiftly remove buds from stems, using rollers to grab and pull the stem through various hole sizes. The Bud Shucker can help you do the job quickly with lesser staff. The Quick Sift - Commercial Sifting Machine - Automatic Sifter is a quick and easy-to-use sifting machine that is highly in demand with cannabis processors and dispensaries! With its automatic operation, you can quickly remove stems from your product to create a premium, stem-free final product.

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