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7 mL Concentrate Container

This is our selection of 7 mL concentrate container solutions. All of these products can hold approximately 7 mL of concentrate. If you do not find a solution here, please try one of our other size options. Learn more about the Premium Qube Concentrate Jar

MJ Wholesale has a vast range of small quantity concentrate containers because we understand that a full container is much better than a partially filled container, especially for customer perception.. The 7 ml concentrate containers at MJ Wholesale are perfect for holding approximately 7 ml of your concentrate product. All types of extracts, dabs, or concentrates like wax, resin, butter, and shatter can be stored safely in these containers.
These containers can be used for recreational as well as medical purposes. They are child-resistant, safe, are made of high-quality glass, and have a screw-on lid which gives them a premium look. Available in a clear glass body and with white or black lids, these concentrate containers can hold up to 1 g of the product. The 7ml containers come in a 90-count, 180-count, 270-count, 350-count, 360-count, 384-count, or a 450-count to give you plenty of choices to buy from.

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