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STR8 Cases

STR8 Brand Cases protect your glass bongs or dab rigs. Imagine a hard-cased padded duffle bag! 

STR8 Case is always great to have. The Str8 Cases are perfect for mobility or stationary protection. Str8 cases are extremely heavy-duty cases made from ultra high-impact polypropylene. Str8 Cases are dust proof, smell proof and waterproof, lastly, they also have temperature resistant features. 

The interior of each case is made of double layer pre-cut foam making it super easy to customize the inside for your specific pieces. Str8 cases are lockable and stackable to make traveling with your glass bongs and rigs safe and easy. 

STR8 is a high quality brand we put our faith in. They have both glass and torch cases that are sure to please even the toughest customer. All STR8 cases are IP67 certified and are sure to keep your glassware safe and secure. The wide ranges of colors and sizes make it easy to find an option that fits your needs. 

STR8 makes the perfect torch case! These STR8 Cases are specifically designed for Special Blue Torches. Featuring auto ignition, ergonomic design & an adjustable flame. They work at any angle. Plus they are both cordless and lightweight. Refilling them with butane is a quick and easy task. Best of all, each Special Blue Torch has a lifetime factory warranty that your customers will appreciate. The many options for color and size makes it easy to find a case perfect for your needs. 

No matter if you're looking for a glass case or a torch case, STR8 has you covered. We're proud to bring you a large selection of STR8 products at low prices.


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