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Zooted Hemp WrapZ

Each pack has two wraps, and each display box consists of 25 wraps. Your customers will love the variety the Zooted Hemp Wrapz offer and will revisit your store or dispensary for more! Stock up on these organic, awesome wraps and see how your customers become your loyalists in no time! 


Flavored hemp wraps are all the rage these days, as they offer a unique and enjoyable way to smoke. Also, they are considered healthier as they are organic and sans tobacco. MJ Wholesale offers the famous Zooted Pink Drink Flavored Hemp Wraps, available in a display box of 25 packs containing two wraps, giving you 50 wraps per display box. We also offer a single display box at $15, take bulk orders, and provide fast shipping. They are the perfect, value-for-money smoking option that your customers will love. 


These high-quality wraps are made from non-GMO organic hemp, providing a healthier smoking option than tobacco. These wraps are ideal for those who prefer a tobacco-free smoking experience.


These wraps' sweet and exotic scent makes the smoking experience flavor-rich and unique. Each puff gives a fruity goodness that turns a routine smoking session into an enjoyable one. Each pack of the Zooted pink drink hemp wraps comes with filter tips that help further improve the rolling and smoking experience. Novices, too, can easily roll these wraps and enjoy a smoke. 


Let us understand how to roll a blunt. 


What is a blunt?

Blunt or wrap is the outer layer that holds the marijuana. Weed is rolled inside a wrap, tobacco leaf wrap, or real tobacco paper. Blunts can also be made by emptying a cigar wrap from loose-leaf tobacco and using that for rolling the blunt. Blunts are bigger compared to joints and last longer. Usually, 1-2 grams of marijuana is enough for one blunt. For bigger-sized cigars, more marijuana is needed.






Advantages of using blunts

  • Blunts allow you to choose between tobacco rolls or hemp wraps as per preference. It also allows you to choose flavors and mix different herbs or strains for a personalized smoking experience.
  • Blunts are known for their rich and sweet flavor. And with the Zooted flavorful hemp wraps, this effect gets boosted.  
  • Zooted hemp wraps are lightweight and can be carried anywhere. 
  • Zooted hemp wraps burn slowly, providing a longer and enhanced smoking session.


How to roll a blunt?

Step 1: Gather the needed items

To start rolling a blunt, you only need a few things. The main things you need are your favorite weed, Zooted hemp wraps, and a Zooted premium grinder.


Step 2: Grind the marijuana

Weed must be broken into "shakes," small bits of flower broken from larger buds. It can be done using a grinder or your hands. The shakes that are in powder form are of no use. Also, large, loose shakes are difficult to wrap as they become bulky and inconsistent. Using a grinder will give a high-quality shake where the weed is evenly broken and has a consistent form. Consistently ground marijuana ensures you get an even and smooth burn. 


Step 3: Prepare the blunt wrap

Keep the Zooted wrap handy. They are available in various flavors. If using a cigarillo, then use a blade to split it open lengthwise and empty the tobacco from the middle. Then, that wrap can be used for rolling your blunt.


Step 4: Moisten the wrap

Moistening the wrap makes it easier to wrap it in a proper shape and seal when rolling. Additionally, it helps repair any little tears that may happen during the removal of tobacco. Sometimes, lightly moistening the wrap's inner side with your saliva can be helpful. However, be cautious not to over-moisten, as it can cause the wrap to become too fragile.


Step 5: Fill the wrap

Lay the wrap flat on a clean and dry surface. Evenly distribute the finely ground marijuana along the length of the wrap. 


The size of the wrap depends on three factors. 

  • size of your rolling paper
  • how big you desire the end product to be
  • how loose or tightly you pack it


Overfilling the wrap will make rolling more challenging and may lead to an uneven burn.


Step 6: Roll the blunt and seal it

Gently roll the wrap once it is filled until you have about half an inch left. While rolling, ensure the blunt is evenly distributed and packed. Lack of proper moisture may lead to cracks when rolling. At this point, lick or moisten the exposed edge of the wrap and then tuck the wrap underneath itself. It will give an airtight seal that won't fall apart during use. Also, to ensure an even burn and remove any air gaps, use a thin, pointed object like a pencil to gently pack the weed down at the open end of the blunt. 


Step 7: Baking the blunt 

Baking the blunt refers to evenly heating a rolled blunt after it is sealed. It helps dry and tighten the wrap, giving it a more consistent and smooth burn. To "bake" a blunt, slowly pass the lit end through a flame while carefully not burning the paper. 


Rolling a blunt may take some practice, but with time and experience, you will roll one perfectly. MJ Wholesale offers a range of hemp wraps like the Zooted Pink Drink Flavored Hemp Wraps at wholesale rates. We also carry various smoking accessories and packaging options at affordable rates. Browse our growing collection of the latest brands and check out our new arrivals to stay updated with what we have in store. 


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