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Twisted Hemp Wraps

Twisted Hemp Wraps are so popular because of the natural goodness, deliciousness, and flavor they provide. MJ Wholesale presents the Twisted Hemp Wraps at the best wholesale prices, available in several fruity flavors to enhance the smoking sessions of your customers! 

These hemp wraps are non-HMO and have ‘twisted’ cut edges that provide a perfect seal when rolled. Your customers can choose from various juicilicious flavors by the Twisted Hemp Wraps such as the Tropical Breeze, Endless Summer, Grape Burst, Blue Banana, Blue Raspberry Cherry, and California Dream, to name a few.

You can stock up on their latest addition, Twisted Hemp Designer Blends that come with two premium tips along with the two wraps per pack. These hemp wraps are no ordinary wraps and have been craved by the smoking community for a long time now. They are the purest, single-source hemp that provide an enhanced blend to satiate the craving taste buds of the smoking community. 


The best part about Twisted Hemp wraps is that they burn slow and consistent, providing a smooth and sweet hit. Twisted Hemp Wraps can easily blend with any herb strain and are among the most cost-effective wraps on the market. So why wait? Get twisted with the Twisted Hemp goodness only from MJ Wholesale



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