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Labelmate Label Matrix Removal Systems

MJ Wholesale carries a versatile range of Labelmate USA equipment at affordable costs. Our collection includes top equipment like Labelmate Label Unwinders, Label Splicers, Label Counters, and Label Matrix Removal Systems.

Labelmate Label Matrix Removal Systems are useful for inline rewinding of rolls and removing the waste matrix of printed labels. Generally used with high-speed color printers, the labels can be full-bleed, die-cut, and color-printed.

MJ Wholesale carries three varieties of Matrix Removal Systems – for media up to 6.5 inches, up to 8.5 inches, and up to 10.5 inches in width. A maximum roll diameter of 8.5 inches or 216 mm can be used in each of these Label Matrix Removal Systems. You can buy either the left side, or right side or both, according to your requirement.

The Label Matrix Removal Systems that we carry offer variable speed control and have gearless motors that can be set to wind in opposite directions. Each roll offers individual speed control and has an independent direction. The best feature of the Labelmate Label Matrix Removal System is that the speed of the unit matches the printer speed automatically. When the printer stops the sensor arm of the system starts and stops the system together along with the printer. Each of the three varieties of Matrix Removal Systems comes with two quick-locking core chucks for efficient processing.


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