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Sealer Sales Hand Sealers

Besides a vast collection of foot sealers, MJ Wholesale has a selection of hand sealers of different types – Direct Heat Sealers, KF-Series Hand Sealers, W-Series Table Top Sealers, and many others.

MJ Wholesale carries portable, direct heat sealers in different sizes - 12 inches, 8 inches, and 6 inches. These lightweight sealers feature PTFE-coated jaws and offer variable temperature control. They are ideal for sealing materials like coated aluminum foil, Kraft paper, cellophane, or thicker materials. They cannot seal polyethylene. These sealers require a warm-up time between 5 to 15 minutes. These sealers come with a stand, and have rubber hand grips for easy usage.

We have the KF Series Hand Sealers in three varieties – 8-inch sealer with 5 mm seal width, 8-inch sealer with 2 mm seal width, and 4-inch sealer with 2 mm seal width. The KF impulse hand sealers have a plug-in timer that can control the sealing time for different materials of varying thicknesses. These sealers do not require any warm-up time and can seal poly bags and thermoplastic materials effectively. Completely made of metal, these sealers also have a round wire for sealing and cutting.


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