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Why Choose Loud Lock?

Why Choose Loud Lock Packaging?

The rules, laws, and regulations for cannabis packaging have evolved and are still changing from state to state. However, a constant and non-negotiable for cannabis packaging is the top-notch quality it should possess.

As a smoke shop or dispensary owner, choosing the best quality cannabis packaging for your cannabis products becomes crucial –exactly why MJ Wholesale carries the best marijuana packaging collection.

Why is quality packaging so important?

Loud Lock Packaging
  • Improves the shelf life of your product

    Without good quality packaging, your cannabis product can be rendered useless. Cannabis degrades quickly; therefore, protecting it from elements such as sunlight, air, and moisture is essential. Good quality packaging ensures your product is secure and can last long.

  • Impresses the customer-base

    Imagine a shop owner selling their cannabis product in plastic baggies and the other selling their cannabis product in top-quality blunt tubes. The customers will always choose the store owner using professional-grade packaging. Isn’t it? Not only does a decent packaging brand impress the customer, but it also makes the product look presentable and desirable.

  • Improves the look of your display shelves

    Storing your cannabis edibles or different strains of cannabis has never been so simple. Using top-quality packaging, you can improve the overall look of your display shelves. Glass packaging enables walk-in customers to check out your product from afar and entices them to purchase it. It uplifts the aura and look of your store and allows you to organize your products easily.

Why Choose Loud Lock?

MJ Wholesale is proud to carry a collection of top-quality cannabis packaging solutions from Loud Lock.

Here are four reasons why purchasing Loud Lock packaging from MJ Wholesale can do wonders for your business.

  • It is the Best Quality Packaging

    Loud Lock is a reputable packaging brand that always focuses on the client’s needs and aims to provide quality solutions. Loud Lock packaging is effective because it focuses on preserving the quality of your product. They offer various child-resistant packaging options that are senior-friendly and easy to access.

    At MJ Wholesale, we help you find the best fit from our array of top-quality packaging from Loud Lock. Whether your cannabis business is big or small, we have the right products for each kind of business. Our focus is to fulfill your requirement with top-quality products at the best rates.

  • Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

    When you buy from MJ Wholesale, we serve you at and after every point of the purchase process. We help you select the best among the Loud Lock packaging options for your needs and provide fast shipping, prompt delivery, and unmatchable customer service.

    We are available on LIVE support via phone or web chat for our customers. You can also email us any issue you are facing, and we will ensure to resolve them at the earliest possible.

  • We have a vast product variety

    When you choose Loud Lock from MJ Wholesale, you don’t have to worry about any shortage of variety. You can find them all with us - mylar bags, blunt tubes, shatter containers, or turkey & oven bags. Cannabis edibles, concentrate, dry weed, or any other form of cannabis, no matter what you sell, you can store it in Loud Lock packaging safely.

Loud Lock Packing

Here are some of their most popular collections at MJ Wholesale:

Mylar Bags

Our collection of Loud Lock mylar bags are smell-proof, child-resistant certified, and one of the best packaging options for all kinds of cannabis. Not only do these bags protect your product from contaminants, but they also preserve the potency and freshness of your product.

They can also be used to package dry herbs,  and cannabis edibles. We stock Grip n Pull Mylar bags in various sizes. You can choose any of the available sizes of mylar bags according to your requirements at the best wholesale prices on our website.

Shatter Containers

Another fantastic product from Loud Lock we carry is the plastic shatter concentrate containers. They are small, ultra-slim, and discreet containers for shatter. They are perfect for carrying on the go and highly convenient too. These containers can be used to hold small amounts of concentrates and are available on MJ Wholesale in a quantity of 100 per box.

Blunt Tubes

Loud Lock Blunt Tubes are child-resistant certified and can be used to store different types of cannabis products like cones, joints, blunts, and prerolls. These tubes are waterproof, smell proof, airtight, and child safe. They have enough space on them for easy and visible labeling.

To secure your product further, you can also shrink-wrap these tubes with a heat gun or joint tube shrink wrap. We carry green, blue, and gold – opaque blunt tubes that are 116 mm and available in bulk quantities of 1000 per box.

Turkey & Oven Bags

The durable turkey & oven bags from Loud Lock are perfect for cannabis growers, processors, dispensaries, and smoke shops. They are microwavable and measure 18 inches x 24 inches. When you place a bulk order for these bags on MJ Wholesale, you get 100 turkey bags per box.

They are multi-use, multi-purpose, and multi-quality. Not only are they smell-proof, but they are also heat resistant and heavy-duty. Now you can safely store all your herbs, medicine, or food in the turkey bags we offer.

We offer competitive prices

At MJ Wholesale, we strive to offer the best prices on our diverse product range. We wish to make good quality packaging affordable and accessible to everyone and, thus, offer the lowest prices in the market.

When you choose Loud Lock packaging from our collection, you take the quality of your product a notch up. Not only does the packaging maintain the freshness of your product for a long time, but it also builds customer trust and loyalty. Investing in Loud Lock packaging will be one of the best decisions for your cannabis business – no matter the scale of your business. So, go ahead. Shop Cannabis Packaging from MJ Wholesale today!