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Canlock Containers – The perfect stash jars for your herb

Every smoke shop or head shop requires a range of perfect containers and quality smoking accessories to cater to their customers and keep them coming back. Young customers consistently seek innovative and durable stash jars to store their fresh herbs and preserve them. 

Canlock containers are very popular in the cannabis market. These containers are so handy and well-designed that even your customers would love to stock them up for personal use.  It would be a great call to procure all the different styles of Canlock containers for your smoke shop.

Features of the Canlock Containers

  • Retains Freshness
  • The Canlock jar keeps your product fresh and safe because of its Stay Fresh storage system. The Canlock products are designed in a way that prioritizes cannabis preservation

  • Vacuum Sealed
  • Vacuum Seal Technology of the Canlock jars helps maintain the moisture of your product and controls the airflow too. 

  • Brand Visibility
  • Get the added benefit of extensive brand visibility with the customizable packaging of Canlock jars.  

  • Lightweight & Portable
  • The containers are lightweight and easy to carry, making them portable and easy on the go! 

  • Smell Proof
  • Don’t worry about the smell of your product when you store them in Canlock jars. They are smell-proof and offer a discreet shelter to your top-shelf products. 

  • Sustainable
  • All the canlock jars are made out of durable glass and are BPA-free. They are the ideal sustainable packaging solution for your herb. You can recycle them or reuse them without worry. 

    Why are Canlock containers the perfect choice to preserve your cannabis?

  • Retains Terpene

  • Cannabis gets its unique flavor from a chemical compound in plants known as terpene that determines how a strain affects an individual. The problem here is that cannabis loses its terpene content if your bud starts to dry out. 

    The Canlock containers help remove the oxygen with their built-in pump lid. This retains the terpenes in the bud without compromising its precious flavor or effect. 

  • Prevents formation of mold

  • Cannabis is susceptible to mold when exposed to overly humid environments. Mold is a problem that every cannabis consumer is scared of as it can lead to the wastage of an entire batch if not prevented on time. 

    Consumption of even a minuscule amount of mold can be hazardous, especially in medical marijuana, where it is consumed by patients already suffering from illnesses. Due to Canlock containers’ airtight lid, your herb is kept locked safely without the risk of any mold or pathogens invading it. 

  • Trichome Protection
  • If you have seen the frosty crystals on your bud, you would know that they are one of the essential components of cannabis. This is because they are composed of active ingredients that influence how cannabis affects you.

    Canlock containers and jars provide essential safety from trichome damage, unlike other storage solutions such as loose plastic bags. Their FDA-approved premium borosilicate glass build protects your herb from being squished, compacted, or damaged, which might result in the loss of essential trichomes.

    By now, I am sure you want to purchase a variety of Canlock jars for your smoke shop. Here are the different types available:

  • Canlock 150 mL - The Stash+ Vacuum Glass Jar
  • The capacity of this 150mL Canlock container is approximately 11 to 14 grams (10 to 15 pre-rolls). It is ideal for storing both flower as well as pre-rolls. This Stash+ Canlock jar possesses more storage space than all the other Stash predecessors. 

    Made of sturdy and FDA-approved borosilicate glass, it is also dishwasher safe. To clean this premium-built Canlock container’s ultra-seal lid, you can use a damp cloth. Alternatively, you can also use warm water and mild soap to clean the stash jar. 

    The best part about each of the Canlock containers is that they are smell-proof, durable, reliable, and are designed to preserve cannabis. The built-in reusable airlock pump with a pressurized seal helps maintain the perfect temperature and storage environment for your herb, keeping it fresh for a long time.

    You can press this airlock pump 5-10 times to create a vacuum in the container. You would know that vacuum is created when the pump is flattened and cannot be pressed any more. 

  • Canlock 75 mL – The Stash Vacuum Glass Jar
  • The 75mL Canlock container can store 3.5 to 7 grams of pre-rolls at a time. It preserves your product by maintaining the moisture level and controlling the airflow. Just like its counterpart Canlock 150mL, it is durable and smell-free. The airlock pump and pressurized seal keep any smell from escaping the stash jar.

    You can use this multipurpose stash jar for storing a variety of items such as edibles, pre-rolls, herbs, tea, coffee, protein powder, spices, vitamins, and many more. The Canlock containers are available in various innovative designs such as animal print, camo, and Jamaican leaf.

    It can also be purchased in solid colors such as red, green, and clear. Pick the design or color that suits your customer’s taste and see how your sales skyrocket. 

  • Canlock Mini – Airtight Vacuum Glass Jar
  • When you need something small and inconspicuous to preserve your herb, there is no better container than the Canlock Mini. You can use this sleek container to preserve chopped, grounded, or whole-leafed herbs. It preserves up to 4 grams of herb. The airtight lid of the container helps keep the product fresh and smell-proof.

    Like its counterparts, the Canlock mini comprises durable glass that is FDA approved and is dishwasher safe. The slender design of this Canlock container grants easy access to the user and helps in easy viewing of the contents of the jar. It can store many other items such as edibles, loose-leaf tobacco, dry fruits, coffee, tea, spices, and herbs.

    With a range of benefits and modern designs, the Canlock containers are sure to boost the sales of your smoke shop. You can buy any of the Canlock containers and also other marijuana packaging material from MJ Wholesale at the best prices! 

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