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Resin, Dab, Wax, Concentrate Containers - What's the Difference?

Concentrates have recently become a craze on the cannabis market, even though people have consumed them for years. Concentrates have evolved and are available in different types today. There are a variety of ways in which one can consume them too. Because there are various cannabis concentrate products on the market, different types of concentrate containers, too, exist. However, which concentrate container is the best for dispensaries – this question remains unresolved! This blog will explain what concentrates are, why they require specific containers, and which one is best for dispensary usage.

What Are Concentrates?

Extracting the THC and some other cannabinoids from cannabis gives you concentrate. This can be done using butane hash oil (BHO), CO₂ extraction, or ice water extraction. The end product is nothing but a highly potent extract that contains a high percentage of THC.
Concentrates come in a variety of forms, like:
• Hash
• Wax
• Dab
• Rosin
• Crumble
• Shatter
To make the different concentrate alternatives accessible to their consumers, dispensaries need various types and styles of concentrate containers to store the different concentrates effectively.

Different Types of Concentrate Containers

Cannabis extracts can't be kept in any ordinary or random container. Some concentrates have viscosities that prevent them from being stored in containers of certain materials. Fortunately, concentrates don't require any particular environmental conditions. All they need is a cool, dry, and dark environment. So, once you've filled each concentrate into its storage jar, you may keep all of your jars in the same area.

Let us have a look into the different types of concentrate containers:

1. Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is the most popular way to store concentrates. It's a good choice because it doesn't absorb any of the concentrate's flavor or smell. Customers can fold it up and put it in their pockets, making it easy to carry around.

However, parchment paper is only suitable for the short-term storage of marijuana concentrates. Parchment paper doesn't help store concentrates in sauces, distillates, or other liquids. They would undoubtedly seep through the paper.

Parchment paper is ideal for storing shatter. Shatter's glass-like texture and sticky form make it quick and easy to store in the paper. Parchment papers might not be the ideal storage solution for dispensaries and cannabis stores.

2. Silicone Jar

Silicone jars are an excellent choice for storing almost all kinds of concentrates. They come in many shapes and sizes, making them versatile for any storage need. The silicone material is non-stick, meaning that the concentrate will not stick to the jar. This makes it easy to get every last bit out. Additionally, silicone is airtight, making it a good choice for keeping the concentrate dry and fresh.

Silicone jars are great because they can store any medical marijuana product, from budder to distillates and everything in between!

3. Glass Jars

Sealing wax, budder, honeycomb, shatter—glass jars are a versatile packaging solution for the majority of concentrates! Glass offers some serious advantages over other materials like parchment paper and silicone. Glass jars are airtight, allowing them to keep your concentrate fresh for days longer than other materials would allow.

Additionally, Glass preserves the taste and scent of cannabis much better when compared to parchment paper. Glass jars are perfect for storing any medical marijuana product in a dispensary or cannabis store because they're odor-proof; airtight, and displayable!

4. Baggies/Plastic Containers

Medical marijuana users who only have a small amount of concentrate to store can use plastic bags or containers that seal tightly. These products don't offer the same level of protection from moisture and oxygen that silicone jars and glass jars do, but they're a good option for those who don't need to store large quantities of concentrate.

Bags and plastic containers are great for storing small amounts of shatter, wax, or resin. They're also perfect for keeping pre-rolled joints together. Plastic baggies are highly unusable for storage in dispensaries or stores.

Why are Concentrate Containers necessary?

It is only reasonable to assume that concentrates must be stored in the concentrate container. But is it essential to store them in specific containers? Here are the various reasons why different types of concentrates demand specific containers.

1. For Protection

Concentrates require special care to prevent light, dampness, oxygen, and heat from damaging them. Concentrates stored in professionally constructed containers are better protected against deterioration factors. Some concentrates, if kept correctly and unopened, may endure indefinitely.

2. For Less Wastage

Concentrates generally have a sticky texture and should be stored in the appropriate storage container to reduce waste. Sellers must have the proper containers to ensure that each dose of concentrates is served. Using the incorrect containers might result in losses of a significant amount.

3. For Personal Preference

People tend to store their concentrates in different ways according to how they like them and what type of concentrate they have. For some people, simple is enough. On the other hand, others desire a more attractive and elite look.

For example, instead of placing concentrate in parchment paper, some consumers opt for the more visually appealing non-breakable silicone jars. Although they are more expensive, they are non-stick and re-usable. Each time one empties them, they must sterilize them in boiling water before reusing them. These qualities make them a decent packaging solution for dispensary usage as well!


Whichever storage container you select for your concentrate products, make sure they're labeled well enough. On the label, state the contents and date of manufacture. This will prevent the customer from forgetting what's in there or how long it's been stored.

Whether you prefer silicone, Glass, or plastic jars, you can buy all types of concentrate containers at MJ Wholesale. In case you are looking for a packaging solution for dry herbs, you can choose from various options at MJ Wholesale. So, get shopping for the best cannabis packaging – only at MJ Wholesale!

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