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STR8 Brand Vape Comparison

Whats the difference between STR8 Revolve, STR8 Switch, STR8 Draw, STR8 Evod 510 Thread Batteries. 

Looking for one of the best vaping experiences on the market? Look no further as here at MJ Wholesale, we proudly carry the Str8 brandlogo of vaping and vape related products. These products are some if not, the best vaping products available on the market. The Str8 brand has four great 510 battery lines we're going to cover today as well as the amazing Str8 brand lifetime warranty for these battery products. 





First Str8 product we're covering is the Str8 Revolve. This product is rated as grade A 320 MAH. The Str8 Revolve also has variable voltage ranging from 2.0-4.0 volts, being adjusted by twisting the unit. The Str8 Revolve also comes with a smart charger unit and a 15 second preheat mode. This product also has a variable temperature knob and comes in black, blue, red, teal, silver, purple, and white.

Str8 Revolve


Next Str8 battery is the Str8 Switch. This product is rated as grade A 280 MAH. With no variable voltage, this unit does have three temperature settings available. This unit also possesses a 15 second preheat mode and comes in black, blue, purple, red, silver, teal, and white.

Str8 Switch

The Str8 Draw is next in our product showcase. This product is grade A 280 MAH with 3.7 volts. This unit has an auto draw, making it easier to hit. Also, this unit has a stylus tip and includes a smart charger. The Str8 Draw has no variable temperature and comes in purple, black, blue, red, silver, teal and white.

Str8 Slim

Last is the Str8 Evod line of batteries. These products range in MAH and have adjustable voltage ranging from 3.8-4.8 volts. This line has a back-illuminated fire button that varies on voltage, as well as having a 15 second preheat mode. This line comes in black, cosmic white, cosmic blue, and silver. 

Str8 Evod

Comparing the products, the Str8 Revolve and Str8 Evod lines have variable voltage. The Str8 draw has the auto draw and stylus tip unique to that line. The Str8 Revolve has a variable temperature knob. The Str8 Switch has three temperature settings and Str8 Evod has the least available colors of any line. Each of these products appeals to a different demographic of the vaping community. 

All of the Str8 batteries are covered by the Str8 Lifetime Warranty. This warranty covers almost all damages that can happen to a battery. As long as you're willing to pay the cost of shipping, Str8 will either repair or replace your defective product. This warranty is a lifetime warranty, and that means these products are guaranteed to provide a great vaping experience for many years to come. 

We hope you found our breakdown of the Str8 brand batteries informative. We're proud to bring high-quality brands at great prices to our customers, and Str8 is no exception. Please check out their brand page here to see all of the products this brand offers. They also make great cases that also have a warranty covering them. 

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