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Torches vs. Electronic Nails

Butane torches and electronic nails are both used for dabbing concentrates. Dab torches are similar to torches used in the culinary world and are utilized to activate concentrate products. Once the flame is applied to a dab rig’s nail, the concentrate vaporizes and is then ready for consumption. 

It’s vital that smokers using torches for dabs not apply the blue segment of the flame to the nail as it can result in a butane taste. Heating the dab indirectly using a torch is the way to go. 

Electronic nails control the temperature of the dab rig’s nail, eliminating the need for a butane torch.  

Let’s dive into each device's pros and cons so we can end with our overall recommendation. 


The waterproof nature of these devices increases portability and travel capability. 

Torches vs. Electronic Nails

Depending on the type of nail you use, it doesn’t take long to heat concentrate utilizing a torch. It takes about 30 seconds to activate concentrate using a butane torch. c who utilize torches enjoy the fun that using a flame device can present. While safely practicing using a torch is critical, there’s no denying that fire can be engaging to use.

While torches need to be refilled with butane, the cost of refilling a torch isn’t unmanageable.

The cons of using a torch include: 

  • Not very subtle
  • Need to master timing to get the right temperature levels for consumption
  • Noise 
  • Gas smell and taste
  • Potential for hazardous waste 

Torches are utilized to create a long and consistent flame when heating dabs. 

It’s essential to purchase quality torches so you can get the surface to the right temperature for entirely dissolving the concentrate upon contact.

MJ Wholesale has an extensive selection of torches that get the job done. With different sizes, materials, and styles, if you can’t find the type of torch you’re looking for on MJ Wholesale, you won’t find it anywhere. 

Electronic Nails 

Since electronic nails are a reasonably recent innovation, they offer some distinct benefits that devices such as torches don’t provide. 

Due to the technology present in electronic nails, these devices supply steady and consistent temperatures. More specifically, e-nails can adjust for preferred temperatures with specific concentrates. For dabbers who might get frustrated at a mistimed temperature through a torch, e-nails present a solution. 

Earlier in this post, we mentioned how the flame from a butane torch creates higher noise levels during the heating process. Using an electronic nail creates little to no noise via electrical heating. 

E-nails create less hazardous waste than butane torches do and are better for group dab sessions due to the precise nature of the machine. 

While these are all great benefits, the cons of electronic nails consist of:  

  • Not very convenient for travel due to the need for electricity or a portable power pack
  • Potential for accidents if left unattended 

Final Recommendation 

Both torches and electronic nails present different benefits for dab enthusiasts. MJ Wholesale’s recommendation for which device to use when dabbing is going to be aimed toward the average dab consumer instead of an expert or beginner. 

We recommend torches over e-nails for the average dabber due to:

  • Reduced cost
  • Lower profile 
  • Lack of a need for electricity 

MJ Wholesale is proud to provide dab supplies for dispensaries and head shops, so fans of dabbing can access all of their favorite products. 

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