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4 mil or 6 mil Mylar Bags: Which are better?

No matter your business, you must have definitely heard of mylar bags. They are one of the most popular and effective packaging solutions for a vast range of products. They are versatile, easy to use, and affordable. Mylar bags come in handy for packaging, whether in a food item business or a marijuana business. And if you aren't utilizing mylar bags for your business yet, here are a few reasons why you must use mylar bags for your marijuana business.

Why choose Mylar Bags?

  • They are lightweight, thin, and flexible

  • They protect the contents from outside elements like light, moisture, dust, and odors.

  • They are durable and have a high strength

  • They are reusable

  • They are affordable, especially when you buy in bulk

  • Some mylar bags are designed to be odor-proof. 

  • They preserve the contents and maintain their freshness or potency. 

Mylar bags are available in different sizes and thicknesses to suit many businesses, products, and purposes. It is easy for anyone to get confused about which bag will suit their needs the best. To make a better decision, you must be aware of how the thickness impacts the quality of the mylar bag and how quality impacts the performance of your mylar bag.

Size of the Mylar Bags

Picking a size of mylar bags is straightforward and doesn't require deep contemplation. It depends on the quantity of product you want to store, and you can choose a mylar bag that suits the requirement.

The thickness of the Mylar Bags

The thickness of the mylar bags is measured in mils and plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of the bag. If you're wondering what a mil is, it is a unit of length the same as one-thousandth of an inch. That is approximately 0.0234 millimeters in the metric system. Although these numbers seem small, they can significantly impact the mylar bag's effectiveness.

Choosing a mylar bag with the right thickness

Choosing the right thickness for your usage can be quite tricky. Therefore, it is crucial to understand your needs before finalizing a mylar bag of a particular thickness. Generally, mylar bags are between 2.5 mil and 7 mil in thickness. 7 Mil (178 microns) thick mylar bags are more suited for long-term storage and products that could tear off the thinner bags. Thinner mylar bags are more apt for short-term or medium-term storage.

Comparing 4 Mil and 6 Mil Mylar Bags

It is generally assumed that the thicker bag is more robust because it allows less light or gas to permeate through it. However, it is important to note that a thicker bag doesn't necessarily guarantee a better product. Similarly, a thinner bag doesn't mean a substandard product. It might be the best choice depending on the product you choose to package. Let us compare two different thicknesses of mylar bags

4 Mil Mylar Bags

  • While mylar bags with a thickness lesser than four mils might look slightly transparent and allow UV light to penetrate the bag, the four-mil mylar bags have an ideal thickness that blocks harmful UV rays and other outside elements. 

  • Four mil mylar bags serve as an ideal grade bag for many storages and packaging needs.

  • They have an air-tight seal and are perfect for a smaller quantity of dry herb.

  • 4 Mil mylar is optimal for medium-term storage.

  • There are more affordable compared to the 6 Mil mylar bags

  • The performance-to-cost ratio of 4 mils is higher as compared to other bags that are thicker.

  • They are flexible and easy to use.

6 Mil Mylar Bags

  • 6 Mil Mylar bags too have an air-tight seal and can store a larger quantity of dry herb compared to the 4 Mil mylar bag

  • They are optimal for long-term storage.

  • They are expensive as compared to the 4 Mil mylar bags.

  • 6 Mil mylar bags appear thicker and could be more rigid than the 4 Mil mylar bags. This means they are slightly tougher to handle and use than 4 Mil mylar bags.

Ending Note

It is important to note that the thickness of a mylar bag doesn't influence how well it can be sealed or how many times it can be reused. It depends on the usage. The thickness you should opt for depends greatly on the product and purpose you need for the mylar bag. If it is to store something for the long-term that is extremely hard and has sharp edges, the thickest mylar bag, i.e., 7 mil, would be a good choice. 
But if you're looking to store dry herb or food items in a medium quantity, a 4 Mil mylar bag could be the best option because of its top-notch quality and affordability. At MJ Wholesale, you can find the best 4 Mil mylar bags for your business at wholesale prices. Besides mylar bags, we also have other cannabis packaging like pop tops, concentrate containers, jars, and much more.
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