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A Brief Look Into Marijuana Packaging Rules and Regulations

Marijuana packaging is an incredibly regulated trade. Every state with recreational or medical cannabis have strict guidelines to the exact nature of the packaging allowed. What's worse is that these regulations are constantly changing. Regulations and rules focus on child resistance, how cannabis must exit the establishment where it is sold, and even the labeling that can be used on the product. These reasons together are why there are so few cannabis packaging vendors.

A Brief Look Into Marijuana Packaging Rules and RegulationsMarijuana carries strict regulations like alcohol. Making sure cannabis products are not available to children is one of the major concerns of lawmakers. Alcohol related deaths have also led to strict rules about cannabis usage when driving. The current structure for legal states is to offer special stores known as dispensaries for cannabis distribution. The distribution of cannabis is strictly regulated in all medical or recreational states. Almost every one of these states change these rules regularly. That's why it is important to be informed about the legal status of cannabis in your state, even if it is recreational. 

Child resistance is a core component to almost all cannabis product regulation. Preventing children from consuming cannabis products is incredibly important. While the studies around the effects of cannabis on developing children have not been done, pediatricians agree cannabis has the potential to be incredibly damaging to developing children with no prior medical issues. That's why child resistant packaging is of the utmost importance. Products are considered child resistant in most states when a five year old or younger child would have difficultly opening the product. We carry a great selection of different cannabis packaging solutions that are child resistant.

Similar to alcohol, cannabis products are required to be in some kind of exit bag when purchased. The requirements for the exit bags vary from state to state, so consult your local laws to see what kind of bag you need from your dispensary be compliant. Some states require a bag similar to what you see from a regular pharmacy. Other states are okay with dispensaries selling products in a brown paper bags. No matter what you state requires, we have solutions compliant for any of your pharmacy or exit bag needs.

Almost every state with medical or recreational cannabis must have the product tested for potency, harmful contaminants, and moisture. These tests and their requirements vary greatly from state to state. These test results must then be on a label that goes on the product for the end consumer. Certain regulations such as having the name of the producer, THC content, harvest date, and warnings about the dangers of the product are generally required for these labels. Finding vendors that carry these labels can be difficult. That's why we carry a great selection of state specific complaint labels for many different states. 

All of these factors combined make finding a supplier for marijuana related packaging supplies difficult. Few vendors want to have to keep up with the hassle of the constantly shifting cannabis packaging regulations. Child resistance is a strict component for most of these laws. That's why we pride ourselves on carrying numerous compliant solutions for any and all cannabis processing or dispensary operations. We carry state compliant solutions from pharmacy or exit bags to state specific complaint labels. We hope this brief overview was helpful in understanding marijuana packaging rules and regulations at a glance. For particular legal structure regarding a specific state, please research the individual state you want to know more about. The packaging laws like mentioned earlier are often subject to frequent change.
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