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Everything about MJ Wholesale's new partner brand: The Zooted Brandz

Meta Desc: Zooted Brandz has a diverse collection of the latest smoking equipment and accessories. You can buy them in bulk quantities at wholesale rates from MJ Wholesale.

Zooted Brandz is a leading brand offering the latest smoking equipment, tools and accessories to the end consumer directly. So, if you’re looking for trendy smoking equipment & accessories, stylish cannabis themed apparel, hemp wraps, rolling papers or cones for personal use – Zooted Brandz is the perfect stop for you. 

However, if you’re looking to purchase their products in bulk for your smoke shop or dispensary, you can buy the Zooted Brandz products at wholesale rates from MJ Wholesale

The Zooted Brandz Collection on MJ Wholesale

MJ Wholesale has exclusive access to the Zooted Brandz products, and we offer them in bulk quantities to dispensary and head shop owners at wholesale prices.  

Here’s a list of Zooted Brandz products that we carry.  

  • Hemp Wraps
  • Zooted Brandz has a wide collection of flavorful and 100% organic hemp wraps. Non-GMO, non-tobacco and natural, the Zooted hemp wraps are perfect for a healthier smoking experience. They are crafted from ethically sourced hemp leaves and are sure to provide an enhanced smoking experience to your customers. 

    MJ Wholesale is proud to carry all of the diverse flavors of Zooted Hemp Wraps for dispensary and smoke shop owners. You can choose from fruity flavors like Mad Mango, Grapevine, Banana Split to unique ones like Russian Cream, Pink Drink, Wedding Cake.Each of the beautiful display boxes of these hemp wraps is composed of 25 packs and each pack consists of two wraps. 

  • Rolling Trays
  • Enhance your customers’ smoking experience by giving them an off-beat rolling tray to work on. Your customers will thank you when they get rid of the plain, boring surfaces and use the Zooted Rolling trays to grind the herb and roll their joints. 

    The Zooted Rolling Trays look funky and vibrant, measure 8.5 x 6 inches and come with magnetic slams. We have a collection of Zooted trays in diverse and unique themes such as the ZootedLand Skully Planet, Area 420 Alien, Shroomy Planet, Zooted Logo at wholesale prices for you. 

  • Lighters
  • Zooted Brandz has teamed up with Clipper to offer lighters that function extra-smoothly and look stylish at the same time. The Zooted lighters are designed in a way that makes them highly reliable and resistant to cracking or exploding. 

    With Zooted lighters your customers will experience convenience, efficiency, style and supreme functionality – all in one. Long lasting spark, adjustable flame size and a refillable fuel tank are some of the most versatile features of these lighters. MJ Wholesale proudly carries a collection of these stylish and popular lighters that you can buy at wholesale prices. 

  • Rolling Papers
  • Trends come and go but the popularity of rolling papers remains unfazed. The Zooted rolling papers are a must-have in your store because they are thin, crisp and slow burning. Your customers will enjoy rolling these beauties and savor each hit they get from the hand-rolled  joints. 

    You can buy your stock of the Zooted Brandz rolling papers from MJ wholesale. We have display boxes of the King Size and 11/4 Natural Rolling Papers, with each box composed of 24 papers.

  • Grinders
  • Grinding herbs should not feel like a chore. With Zooted premium-quality aluminum herb grinders, your customers can churn within no time. These 4-piece grinders with precision-formed teeth are perfect to provide a fine and even grind.

    Their magnetic lid avoids spillage, and their middle chamber is perfect to store the ground herbs. You can buy the stylish Zooted Brandz grinders from MJ Wholesale in 4 distinct colors: Gold, Silver, Black and Rose Gold. We offer them in bulk and at wholesale rates.  

    1. Apparel

    Add a range of stylish, branded apparel and novelty items to your head shop to see more customers pouring in. Your customers will love the trendy and comfortable apparel from Zooted in your store. They have a wide range of tees in different themes such as the Zooted Smiley, Zooted Euphoric, Zooted Logo, and Zooted Guy. Each of their tees is unisex and available in black and white colors with sizes up to 3 XL. You can purchase them at wholesale rates from us. 


    What makes Zooted Brandz different? 

    Zooted Brandz has established itself as a brand that knows the pulse of their target audience. They create unique designs and products that your customers will find hard to resist.

    Here are a few reasons why you must stock Zooted Brandz in your store. 

  • High Quality Products
  • The Zooted Brandz products are a hit with the customers. The products are made of high-quality material and designed to last for decades. Each product from Zooted Brandz works efficiently to provide a superior smoking experience to your customers. 


  • Stylish Designs
  • Get over the norm, and switch to edgy, funky and quirky designs. Zooted Brandz is not afraid to try new things, and that is the reason it resonates with Gen Z. Zooted Brandz products possess a unique, sleek and modern design that are sure to grab eyeballs at your store. 


  • Diverse Range
  • When you choose Zooted Brandz, you stay abreast of the newest, trendiest and most popular smoking gear, accessories and products. You can cater to a huge audience because the Zooted Brandz has a diverse range of products for all kinds of customers – right from rolling trays to trendy apparel. 


  • Affordable Rates
  • MJ Wholesale partners with Zooted Brandz to make their products easily accessible to growing head shops, smoke shops, vape shops and dispensary owners. We give you the best deals and bulk quantities so that you can fill up your store shelves without breaking the bank. 

    Ending Note

    Get your hands on the best-quality products from Zooted Brandz to provide an unforgettable smoking experience to your customers. 

    MJ Wholesale ensures we stock a huge range of offerings from the Zooted Brandz so that you can replenish your inventory without a hassle. We offer the best rates, exemplary customer service and lightning-fast deliveries to our customers. We also have a variety of deals and offers running from time to time. So, hurry and add Zooted to your inventory today! 

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