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High Temperature or Low-Temperature Dabbing. What is more suitable?

Dabbing has revolutionized the way people consume concentrates. However, dabbing does seem like a science experiment compared to traditional smoking techniques. With so many complex processes and variables, it's easy to see why some people might be resistant to dabbing. Among legal marijuana consumers, the question of "What is the ideal dab temperature?" has become a contentious issue. While some people like to produce big clouds by dousing at high temperatures, others like to take it easy and use low temperatures for their dabs. As a smoke shop or dispensary owner, your customers are bound to ask you about dabbing and the right temperature to dab at. You must know that several criteria influence the dabbing temperature, such as nails, dab pen, and even the concentrate used for dabbing. Let us have a look into it.

Why Is Dabbing Temperature Important?

Terpenes are organic chemicals that give plants their unique aroma. These compounds are found in dried herbs too. The primary terpene determines the sort of flavor concentrate has. There is a wide range of health advantages associated with each terpene, which contributes to the formation of vaporization. Don't be surprised if some extracts emit a terrible odor when heated to 800°F. That's just how they are designed. The terpenes of the concentrate and the dabbing temperature can alter its flavor, impacting the smoking experience. Extreme heat will undoubtedly ruin the experience. This is why your customers should be aware of the different dab temperatures to get the finest taste from the buds!

High-Temperature Dabbing

Dabbing at high temperatures is the most common way to vaporize concentrates. People like to use high temperatures because they can produce big vapor clouds. Additionally, high-temperature dabbing doesn't require as much time to heat up. Smokers can take a hit and be on their way in a matter of seconds.

The biggest downside to high-temperature dabbing is that it can ruin the flavor of concentrates. When coconut oil is heated to high temperatures, it produces toxic chemicals such as acetaldehyde, considered a category one carcinogen that causes cancer.

Another disadvantage of high-temperature dabbing is that it doesn't provide as much flavor in dab sessions. The more intense the heat, the more taste will be lost. High-temperature dab is also harsh to breathe and can irritate the throat and lungs if inhaled at a high temperature.

Low-Temperature Dabbing

Low-temperature dabbing produces more flavorful and smoother hits than high-temperature dabbing. It also helps avoid throat and lung irritation, lowering the chances of a burn. Although lower temperatures produce less vapor, they don't release as many dangerous compounds. There is little risk of breathing in benzene and toluene, which can cause health problems. Low-temperature dabbing is typically a better way to consume concentrates.

Different dabbing temperatures

• 0-300°F: Too low
At this temperature range, the vapors from the extract will be minimal. This could impact the flavor and potency of the extract. The nail is more than likely going to cool down and leave residue behind.

• 300-450°F: Decarboxylation

Dabbing most commonly takes place at these temperatures. The perfect balance between flavor and vapor production can be found at this temperature. Some harmful chemicals like benzene and toluene might release from extracts.

• 450-600°F: Cloud chasers paradise

At these temperatures, smokers will experience a lot of vapor production with great flavor. The only problem is that these temperatures can be harsh on the throat and lungs, so it's not ideal for long sessions.

• 600-800°F: Acetaldehyde heaven

At this temperature, there is a high probability of combustion occurring. A harsh, strong hit with thick smoke — just a little vapor but not much. However, it'll also release harmful chemicals like acetaldehyde. This is not an ideal temperature for dabbing.

• Over 800°F: Harsh smoke, potential release of toxins.

This is the highest temperature range one can use while dabbing. Anything above this will produce unpleasant flavors and dangerous chemicals and is not recommended.

Comparison between E-nails and Vape Pens

E-Nails are a great way to control the dabbing temperature. They allow to set the desired temperature and maintain it, ensuring that concentrates are heated at the correct temperature for maximum flavor and vapor production. E-nails can be used with any concentrate, from waxes to oils. There are various E-nails to choose from, so make sure to stock up on the one that fits your customers' needs. Vape pens can be used to consume concentrates as they are more convenient than nails. In fact, they can be used with any concentrate, from waxes to oils. Dab pens have temperature controls that are very simple to use even while on the go. The user can try out the different temperature settings in the dab pen to discover the ideal setting.

E-nails are more expensive than vaporizer pens. However, a high-quality vape pen needs to be checked for various factors. Dab pens feature a mouthpiece and atomizers, unlike e-nails that utilize glass attachments. The atomizer is used to heat the material, and the mouthpiece is used to inhale the material to create vapors. The most important factor when choosing the vaporizer pen is the quality of the atomizer. A good rule of thumb is that the higher the wattage, the better vapor production. The number of coils in the atomizer also plays a role in how much vapor is produced. More coils mean more surface area to heat the material, resulting in more vapor.


The answer to 'What is the ideal dabbing temperature' is complicated. It majorly depends on the personal preference of the smoker and the type of concentrate they use. For newbies, it's best to start at a low temperature and work their way up. Each smoker has a different smoking capacity. They should experiment with different temperatures and find the best one for them. Once they find the temperature that works best for them, they can stick with it! But one thing is for sure. It is only with MJ Wholesale that you can buy high-quality and low-priced vape pens, e-nails, and dab rigs for your smoke shop. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best quality smoking tools and accessories for your shop.
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