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What are Boveda Packs and How to use them for packaging cannabis?-MJ Wholesale

What are Boveda Packs and How to use them for packaging cannabis?

Boveda is a two-way humidity control system developed by retired General Mills chemist Dr. Al Saari and packaging specialist Robert Esse in the late 1990s. It is used extensively with cigars, food packaging, musical instruments, and cannabis. This technology was named 'Boveda', Spanish for ‘vault’- because it preserves the concerned product by maintaining an ideal humidity level. Boveda stands out from other humidification methods, because it requires minimal monitoring and maintenance. Boveda packs are innovative products that have revolutionized the world of humidifying and curing cannabis. These packs contain a natural solution of water and salts that keep the humidity levels inside the packaging in check no matter how hot or cold the environment gets. If you are going to stock up on Boveda packs wholesale in your dispensary, smoke shop or head shop, you must know how to use boveda packs. Let us see how one can use Boveda packs.


How do Boveda Packs Work?

Before you start using the Boveda packs, it is essential to understand what they are and what they can do for you. Boveda's terpene shield offers optimal protection for trichomes that are vital to herbal medicine. Boveda constantly maintains humidity levels to preserve the potency of cannabis, and with its remarkable protective barrier, cannabis can be stored securely for longer periods. Boveda's exclusive vapor phase osmosis membrane is equipped with a salt-based solution. It preserves and protects trichomes with pure water molecules, when necessary, by releasing and absorbing water vapor. Through the discharge of its water molecules, Boveda creates a strong terpene defense that prevents evaporation while preserving essential components such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and THC. To avoid the degradation of your cannabis flower and preserve their terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds, you must ensure that the relative humidity (RH) within your storage containers remains at optimal levels

Understanding the RH Level of Boveda

Boveda packs are available many different relative humidity (RH) levels, most popular being: 58% and 62%. These measurements are proven to be the optimal for preserving cannabis - a harmonious balance that has been accepted by ASTM International, an international governing body devoted to creating standards across industries.It generally depends on the consumer’s preference which RH level to opt for – because neither option could ever be wrong. The significant distinction between both will lie in their moisture content. Using multiple Boveda packs within the same container is recommended depending on how much cannabis you are storing. The more product stored, the more Boveda packs are needed.It is imperative not to keep different packs with differing RH levels together, as this may reduce product performance. Under no circumstances should you combine Boveda packs of different humidity levels, such as a 72% RH pack with a 69% RH pack. The two will cancel each other out and sabotage your desired outcome. They will not perform as well and may create an RH level in the container lower than what you started with.

Storing Cannabis using Boveda Packs

Storing cannabis using Boveda is simple. Just take out the Boveda from its wrapper, but be sure not to pierce or cut the brown humidity pack. Then open your airtight container and place the packet on top of or near your loose bud. Seal up the lid once you're done, then discard what remains in the wrap it came with. Wait for a few weeks for that monolayer terp shield to form completely; however, most people witness results within only a day!

Activating the Boveda and Checking if it worked

Boveda humidity packs kick into action when they come in contact with air. When you see that your cannabis is "springy and sticky," that's when you know Boveda has done its job! Additionally, if you detect an intense terpene aroma when grinding, it will be clear that your bud's optimal moisture content and quality have been retained.

Curing Cannabis with Boveda

Start the drying process by utilizing your preferred method to get the flower's moisture content just below where you'd want it for curing. The drying stage of the cannabis will do most of the hard work during this stage while Boveda will add the fine touches and perfect your product during the curing. Preserve your herbal medicine in an airtight vessel with your Boveda to treat, mature, and cure your cannabis. Although not necessary, some cultivators find it advantageous to "burp" their containers even when using Boveda.

Replacing the Boveda

Boveda lasts 2 to 4 months in an airtight cannabis container, like a jar, bag, tote, bin for curing and storing cannabis. In a container that is frequently opened and closed (think flower for personal-use or daily consumption), Boveda lasts up to 2 weeks.The lifespan of these humidity packs ranges between 2-6 months, depending on their container and external conditions. As Boveda packs near their expiration date, they start becoming rigid, with the corners typically hardening first. Over time you'll notice this subtle yet distinct difference in their consistency. However, don't be alarmed if you feel a few soft spots in the packet initially - that's completely normal. Also, if the packets remain squishy even after that window, it may be time to replace them for optimal results.


How long does an unused Boveda pack last?

Boveda can remain effective for up to two years, if it is secured in its original packaging even if the bag is opened. Although when you open the bag, the Boveda is considered to be ‘working’ for a small period of time. Boveda is stored and shipped in a high moisture barrier, resealable plastic bag to keep it safe. You can preserve the shelf life of your Boveda by re-closing the bag whenever you remove the humidity packs from the bag.

Ending Note

Using Boveda packs is a simple yet effective way to preserve your cannabis. Not only do they guarantee accuracy in moisture levels, but they also give your buds an extra boost of flavor and aroma. Keep your cannabis fresh for longer with the help of this revolutionary product! Whether you're an experienced grower or a beginner, Boveda packs wholesale will make your life a lot easier. Don't forget to check the condition of your packets regularly and replace them when necessary. Get your hands on the best wholesale Boveda packs at MJ Wholesale today!
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