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What Is an Ash Catcher? Its anatomy and advantages.

The smoking community knows that their smoking pieces become filthy and unusable after several days of active usage. Furthermore, they might even give off an unpleasant odor. In fact, a dirty bong may cause drag and percolator blockage, which makes it essential to clean the bong regularly! But how many smokers actually clean their bongs or other smoking devices regularly? Not many!

Here's where an ash catcher comes in! Cleaning the bong regularly is beneficial, but using an ash catcher can delay the cleaning frequency and make the process much easier.

Let's get into the details of ash catchers in this blog!

What is an Ash Catcher?

An ash catcher is a device that attaches to the end of a bong or water pipe and collects ash as it falls from the lit material. It gets hold of all of those bothersome ash particles before they can fall anywhere else, thus preventing a significant amount of clutter on your table, floor, bed, mat, or clothes.

Anatomy of Ash Catchers

The ash-catcher has two joints: the bong stem and the bowl. The bowl is inserted through the upward joint, while the downward joint is inserted into the bong's stem.

Depending on the type of ash catcher, it may or may not need to be filled with water. Ash catchers are also pre-coolers since they cool down the smoke before entering the water pipe. Ash catchers generally feature percolators. Percolators help make it easy to inhale the smoke from a bong and improve its flavor simultaneously. It's like adding a separate filter to your water pipe.

Ash catchers can improve the smoke's percolation by providing an extra layer. We call it an 'additional layer' because the bong most likely has one percolator already. Recyclers are available with some higher-end ash catchers. These combinations keep the smoke and water cooler cleaner. The recycler also keeps the smoke from becoming stale and makes hits smoother, bigger, and more flavorful.

How do Ash Catchers Work?

Ash catchers are a simple method to considerably improve the efficiency of aged pipes. If the old pipes of your customers aren't providing a good enough high, and they may want to retire them, hold on! You can suggest they use ash catchers!

When smoke exits the bowl, it flows into the ash catcher, isolated from the bong, diffuser, water, or percolator; it removes ash and particles from the smoke before passing through the connecting joint. Because of this, the smoke is cleaner and less debris-filled. As a result, the bong does not have to work as hard to filter the smoke.

Your customers can add an ash catcher to make a smooth percolator bong out of the existing pipe. It's like a piece of equipment that completely transforms the look and feel of the pipe. Using an ash catcher with a recycler and a matrix percolator will add even more flair to the smoking experience. It will transform the old pipe into something that resembles a modern smoking device.

Why Should Smoke Shop Owners Stock Up on Ash Catchers?

The main benefits of using an ash catcher are twofold: it helps prevent any damage to the bong or pipe and reduces health risks. It catches the ash and debris before it reaches the customer's mouthpiece. The ash catcher essentially protects the user's lungs and the glass of their pipe.

Secondly, ash catchers prevent clutter and keep the area clean. There will inevitably be ash and resin build-up around their bowl and mouthpiece whenever someone is smoking out of a bong or water pipe. An ash catcher helps by collecting all the ash and residue as they smoke.

These mighty benefits of ash catchers make them a must-have accessory for any smoker! Thus, if ash catchers seem like an optional accessory to you as a smoke shop or head shop owner, you are missing out! An ash catcher is a necessary equipment for any store or dispensary.

Advantages of Using an Ash Catcher

The main advantage of an ash catcher is that it allows smokers to smoke more by substantially reducing the amount of time spent cleaning the water pipe. An ash catcher is a must-have, no matter which water pipe one smokes out of. An ash catcher may be a real lifesaver for a larger piece with many percolators.

They assist in keeping the bong cleaner for a lot longer than usual. Because we know it's difficult to remember and adhere to daily maintenance, having an ash catcher will guarantee the smoking experience doesn't degrade even if one doesn't clean it regularly.

The ash collector cuts down on cleaning time considerably. As a result, your customers will spend less time cleaning their bong than if they didn't have one.

As far as cleaning the ash catcher is concerned, don't worry about it! It is an effortless procedure. The only thing one has to do is fill it with isopropyl alcohol and salt. Before pouring out the alcohol and washing the whole device with warm water to remove any remaining odor and product, shake it and dry it off. That's all there is to it! 


The ash catcher is an excellent accessory for any smoker who wants a more relaxing smoking experience. It filters the smoke and enhances the smoke quality and flavor in multiple ways. We recommend every smoker add this small but handy accessory to their smoking gadget arsenal!

In fact, many smokers are already using ash catchers to elevate their smoking experience, making it crucial for the smoke shop owners to stock up on them! Dispensary owners, smoke shops, and head shop owners can buy their stock of ash catchers from MJ Wholesale at the lowest prices in the quantities they prefer. So why wait? Browse and Buy now!

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